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For over 35 years, veteran Rootworker and Traditional Conjure Woman, Starr Casas, has been helping folks through her ancestral heritage of Old Style Conjure. She is the best-selling author of THE CONJURE WORKBOOK VOL. 1: WORKING THE ROOT published through Pendraig Publishing. She is also the author of many bestselling self-published titles on Old Style Conjure such as WORKING WITH BLACKHAWK & THE HOODOO MONEY CONJURE WORKBOOK.

When I first got on the web many years, ago it seemed that no one on the web thought Hoodoo, Rootwork, or Conjure work was important. I was laughed at and told, "Hoodoo Conjure work is just ole wives' tales." Today, everyone understands how important Hoodoo, Rootwork or Conjure work really is. Through other ethical workers and the unarguable successes that clients have experienced, Conjure work is now getting the respect that it deserves. A few experienced and hereditary workers have stepped forward to usher the new generation into the powerful conjure work of the American South. It is my hope that this small site will add something useful to the Hoodoo community. ~ Mama Starr



I’m an old style Rootworker or Conjure Doctor and my Rootwork or Conjure work, as some call the work, shows this. I chose not to add a title to my name. I am just plain Starr, but other Rootworkers do have titles. Some of the titles used in conjure work are, Conjure Doctor, Root Doctor, Rootworker, Professor, Conjurer or just plain Hoodoo. In days gone by most of the workers were either called a Root Doctor, Conjure Doctor, or a Conjurer.

The term root doctor has a lot to do with the ole saying, "He will put the 'roots' on you," meaning you will be crossed up, jinxed, or hoodooed. Roots are also one of the main staples of a Conjure doctor or any Rootworker. Roots are often added to mojo bags, spiritual baths and washes. I believe that the root itself holds power.

Mama Starr's Experience and Services

Over the years clients have come to me for many different types of Rootwork.  Some of the works I have done are removing crossed conditions, setting conjure vigils, spiritual foot washing, Jinx removing, money work, and honey jars. Over the last 30 years I have done all types of conjure work, but some of my favorites are making my conjure oils, removing jinxed and crossed conditions, setting conjure vigil candles, and teaching.

Check out Credentials for more information about Momma Starr's teachers and happy customers. Go to the Old Style Conjure Store for Momma’s Conjure books, private consultations, homemade hoodoo products and more. 

 Opportunities for Learning Conjure

If you are interested in learning rootwork, conjure or hoodoo, I offer mini courses. You can take the mini course and learn a variety of conjure work.

I have decided to limit what I teach to others. I had planned on adding more mini courses to the list of information I am willing to teach. I have since changed my mind. I understand now why old folks don't tell all they know. Some of this work can be dangerous, and when it is put to use it can really be harmful. For this reason I reserve the right to choose who I teach and what I teach them.

Examples of personalized telephone workshops with Momma Starr can be found here.




·        Consultations

·        Month Long Candle Burning Vigils

·        Candle Burning Vigil

·        Blood of Jesus Work

·        Keep Em’ at Home Work

·        Cleansing work

·        Protection Work

·        Justice Work

·        Black Cat Bone Conjure Bag

·        Mojo Bags

·        Honey Sweeting Conjure Jars



·        Death Work

·        Reconciliation Work

·        Relationship/Romance Works

 You can now find information on, conjure bags, spiritual foot washing, honey jars, crossed conditions, jinxed, burning Hoodoo vigil candles and much more. Check back and see what's new at OLD STYLE CONJURE.


Momma Starr founded The Conjure Academy as a way of preserving true and traditional Conjure work as taught in her family and in the American South. The Conjure Academy upholds as its tenets the preservation of American Southern culture, Spirit-Led & Spirit-Filled practices upholding at their source the Holy Trinity & the Christian Bible, and the respect due to all our Ancestors who died and suffered at the hands of their oppressors.

The tenets that we share at The Conjure Academy are what inform true and traditional Conjure work as practiced in the past and present throughout the American South. Our primary goal in sharing these time-honored practices is to preserve the SPIRIT and knowledge of what our ancestors planted and sown in the roots, herbs, minerals, rocks, water flows, and crossways on American soil.

What distinguishes The Conjure Academy is that the information shared with students is HANDS ON knowledge that Momma Starr has gained and learned in her 40+ years as a strong healer, gifted reader, and traditional no-nonsense conjure woman. As a participant in The Conjure Academy you will be taught hard-to-find knowledge that may help you CREATE your own BUILDING BLOCKS of TOTAL SUCCESS, Prosperity, & Abundance!

Through the knowledge disseminated at The Conjure Academy we sincerely hope to uplift our Ancestors through our heartfelt thanks while praying their burdens to rest where the Sun sets. 

Glory Be to God Almighty for all the gifts we have received and Praise to the Ancestors for the knowledge they planted in our Spirit to unlock those powerful gifts. Amen!




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Old Style Conjure ways by one of Momma Starr's gifted students.

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