You have heard the ole saying "the pudding is in the mix." Well, here is my mix. This is not to show how grand I am, only as proof that I am what I say I am. I have the original signed copies here at my shop. I was going to scan them then upload them but they take up too much space on the page. Anyone who would like to see them is more than welcome to come to the shop and look at them.

You will read things written by my brother who caught my mama burying my dad’s underwear tied in a knot behind our house, my children, grandchildren, my oldest son’s Godmother who I met in 1971, my best friend Beany who I have known since I was 12, her Mother Maw Re who I have read cards for since I learned how to read cards, Mr. Robert who is a card carrying Houma Indian from Houma, LA, who taught me about BlackHawk, and from a few of my clients. I will add more as my clients come back. I have never advertised my work until now; it has always been by word of mouth.

My whole point in this is to show that I am who I say I am; I have been learning the work since I was very young. When I say I have been working for 35 or 40 years I can back it up. These are years I have been paying my dues, learning and teaching what I can along the way. This shows how Hoodoo is so blended into my life that if it were removed, over half of me would be gone. I also want you know the REAL Starr; you will find me within these words that have been written about me.

 Mr. Robert and Credentials