I first learned about the egg and how to use it to remove sickness and fever in 1973; when my oldest son was about six months old. He had really bad asthma; it seemed like every other week he was having an attack. Along with the asthma came high fevers. One morning before we had to be at the doctor’s office I stopped by his Godparents house. He had a fever again and I was so tired I was at my whit’s end. I had lost so much sleep until I didn’t know if I was coming or going. While sitting at their kitchen table I broke down and started crying, I told his padrino (godfather) that I didn’t think he was ever going to be well. It seemed to me that the medications the doctors gave him didn’t do much good. His padrino sat there and let me cry and babble until I gave myself out.


Then he said why don’t you let me treat him. I knew what treat meant because my mama always treated us when we were ill as children. I ask him what kind of treatment; and he told me he could use an egg to pull the fever and congestion out of my son’s lungs. I had never heard of this before, but I trusted him so I agreed to it. He wouldn’t let me be in the room with him while he treated my son, he said I couldn't watch. I was a bit nervous about not being able to see what was going on but I agreed to wait in the kitchen until he finished. To me it seemed to take for ever but I know it really wasn’t that long before his padrino came back into the kitchen. By the time we were ready to leave to go to the doctor my son’s fever was almost gone and he was not wheezing as bad as he had been when we arrived.

About a month passed before my son had another attack. Finally one day I ask his padrino to please show me how to use the egg, in case he wasn’t home and my son started running a high fever again. He said he would have to think about it, so I didn’t say anything else. But the next time my son got sick he let me watch him do the treatment. Then he explained to me what to do. I was eighteen at the time and have used this treatment ever since on my children and my grandchildren to remove fever from them.

There are steps that must be taken in order to remove fever with an egg. You could call this a small ritual. You do not need any elaborate tools; all you need is an egg, a clear glass of water, a small wooden cross and some anointing oil of your choice. Once you have everything gathered then focus on the work at hand. I have a small table sitting by the sofa to set my tools on. I cover the table with a white cloth and light a small white candle. I have the person I am treating to lay down on the sofa and instruct them to close their eyes and relax. Taking your anointing oil make the sign of the cross say in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Say three our fathers.

Then I place the cross in my left hand and the egg in my right hand. I start praying asking God to remove the illness and fever. Starting at the crown of the head I start making small crosses. Never touching the person I am treating. As I said starting at the crown of the head move slowly down to the forehead, nose, mouth, heart area, the arm pits, stomach, knees, and the bottom of the feet. Make three passes over the front of the body all the while you continue to pray. Then ask the person to turn over and repeat the same process, except now focus on the back of the neck and by pass the arm pits. Once this is done take the egg and crack it into the glass of water; take a tooth pick and break it in half making a small cross and placing it in the glass of egg and water.

Let it sit there for about thirty minutes, then take it out side and dump it at the roots of a tree or you can flush it down the toilet. Make sure that you take a cleansing bath to remove any of the energy drawn off by the egg.

You can also remove negative energy from your body by placing a glass of water with a whole egg in it under your bed. You need to leave the egg there for nine nights; on the tenth day you remove the egg; then take it and throw it out at a crossroads. Using the egg this way also removes blocks, jinx conditions, and will put out any lights being burnt against you.

We’ve talked about how to remove a fever from a person; now I want to talk about the steps I take when someone comes to me to be cleansed. They may be ill or feel like someone is working against them. You can learn a lot from people just by listening to them talk. When someone comes to me for help I listen and let them do all the talking; in doing this I open myself up in order to get a feel of the person.

When I cleanse a person I always walk around them clockwise and draw the egg down their bodies, don’t go up and down, just straight down. I always make sure to cleanse their feet and hands well. I don't touch them with the egg unless they are hurting somewhere. If this is the case I make the sign of the cross over the hurt while praying, I do 9 crosses. Then I break the egg in a glass of water and see what it looks like. This is called reading the egg.