There is a lot more to sweetening jars than honey jars. Folks in the old days were POOR they couldn't afford honey but everyone had syrup! Most ole folks sopped their biscuits in syrup or coffee where I come from in the south.  On-line all you see are honey jars’ to sweeten folks towards you or in money drawing works to sweeten your prosperity. These jars are made to draw folks and thing to you.  When I first got on-line I tried to talk about working with syrup and sugar but no one knew about it nor did they want to hear about it. No one worked with Syrup or Sugar. Now that I am popular everyone wants to listen. I haven’t changed nor has the information I’m spouting changed, but I see more folks are listening because I am seeing folks post on blogs about sugar and syrup. The honey jar or sweetening jar depending on how you make it is with-in itself a container spell as some folks call them. Some of the ingredients that can be added the these jars are, roots, herbs,magnets,lodestones, photos, hoodoo powders, conjure oil, ash, love drawing items, money drawing, the list just goes on the only limit is the ones you set on yourself. Once you have your honey jar made, set it within a candle set up and pray over the jar. After the candles burn out you can light a tea light on top of the jar daily to keep it working.


I think the reason folks thought honey was good to work with in spell jars for love work; is because it preserves, it's sweet and it draws; but you will find that honey jars work really slow. Honey not only pours slow but if you have made a honey jar then you have noticed that over time the honey crystallizes which stops all flow; which in turns kills the work. You will find that when something pours SLOW it is going to work slowly. That’s one of the first things I learned as a young worker. If you want to slow something or someone down then use something that runs slow. If I were trying to slow my man's running around down, but sweeten him to me at the same time I would work with honey.Folks who don’t have hands on Traditional teachings miss all these tid-bits of information that are vital to conjure work. Syrup on the other hand is not only traditional for sweetening work it is also sweet and pours much faster, therefore you get faster results. Sugar also pours fast, sweetens and can be mixed with syrup to make a powerful sweetening jar.


In order to understand the work you need to know the people and the work, so I am gonna repeat what I said; not only does honey pour slowly but in the old days most poor folks couldn’t afford to buy it. In my grandma’s time folks sopped their biscuits in syrup not honey. I think every house had syrup, grits and fat back in it. Folks now days are compensating for what they don’t know. So that’s what they work with and teach. You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself see if the results aren’t different.