The laying of tricks is a big part of Hoodoo. You can lay a trick any where the person will walk or place the hoodoo powder or conjure oil on anything the target will touch. You can even add it too the sprinkle water that you use to iron their clothes with. The heat from the iron will heat it up and as you pass the iron over the clothes you pray your petition with each pass of the iron. I have not seen anyone on-line talk about this. If you still iron your own clothes and you can get your targets clothes to iron you can trick the clothes. If it's a better half that needs to be hoodooed then you would take, master of the woods, Jezebel root, calamus, loveage, and a pinch of lavender; hold the roots and herbs up to your mouth and pray over them then place them in a pot of water and bring them to a boil. Once the water comes to a boil cut the fire off and steep the herbs and roots into a tea. Then you add a little of the tea to your laundry and your spray bottle. I always burn a candle on my herbs and roots before I boil them but it is really up to you. You can place conjure oil on the bottom of their shoe's or place hoodoo powder in their sox or under clothes. When you deploy this type of hoodoo trick you should call the targets name and then pray your petition over the item.

I have read that people believe you have to turn around and other stuff to make it work. That's not true! I have used this type of Conjure many times over the years. I have also read where you need to make an X with the powder, this is also not true; I use a line and it works just fine or I will make a cross that has the same effect. I have rubbed oil's on the bottom of shoes by making 3 crosses and stating what I want to happen. One time I set a trick by placing three lines of power in a person's drive way next to their car. In the old days people used what was on hand. They also did what they felt needed to be done. I'll give a few examples; one with powder and using oil made for the right intent.

Let's say I wanted to cause confusion in someone's home. Or may be  hide something one of them was doing. I would make a hoodoo powder using corn starch as my base; to this I would add dirt dauber nest, red pepper and maybe slippery elm. Once you have the powder made you need to pray your petition over the powder and burn a candle or vigil in the powder. Once this is done then your hoodoo powder is ready to deploy. Then you can go to the targets home and lay down your trick. Sprinkle the powder and call their name three times then tell them what I want them to do. That's it! It's a done deal. No Hocus Pocus!

Now I want to make someone return my love...... So I will make up an oil of High John, lavender and calamas. I will place this oil where I know they will come in contact with it or I will rub it on my hand's and touch them with the oil. Again I will call them three time's and state my petition.

The best way to learn is hands on training. If you can't find someone in your area then look for someone on-line who will help you. Read, Read, Read, all the information you can find, but don't believe everything you read. Talk to folks and ask questions; this is the way you learn and grow. Change what doesn't feel right to you. There is no right way or wrong way to do a thing; if someone claims their way is the only way you better run as fast as you can; because they are so blind by their own self importance that they can't help you or themselves. No one