MONEY DRAWING OIL LAMP


Oil lamps are traditional conjure at its very best. You can add everything you need into the base of the lamp and not have to worry about the light catching on fire. You can even add hoodoo powders and conjure oils in with the regular lamp oil. These lamps are better than candles or vigils for a few reasons, there is less chance of fire from over loading a candle or vigil, you don't have to worry about the wick not burning right and you can turn the wick down low so you have a steady flame. If you decide to work with a oil lamp you need to cleanse the lamp and pray your prayers and petition into it before you load your ingredients into the base. when you have the base ready then you can add all your ingredients, pray your prayer and petition into the base one more time and then add the oil. Then pray Psalm 23 and pray your petition. Light the wick and turn it down, by turning the wick down the lamp want smoke. These lamps were used for conjure work by rootworkers because they had them on hand, they used them in their homes to have light because there was no electric back in the day. This type of lamp can be left burning, just keep the lamp full of oil. Sometimes I will add oils to my herbs and roots before I add them to the lamp. Just be careful not to add to much or the oil will make your lamp smoke.


 Money Drawing Oil Lamp
Lamp and oil
Personal Concerns
3 silver dimes
High John the conqueror
Devil Shoestring
Dragons Blood