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I do consultations, I don't do cold readings or read just to see what will happen tomorrowI will consult with you on how to fix your issue. If there is any issue that I can instruct you on doing the work yourself I will do so, are if you need a professional to do the work and you choose not to use my services I will then refer you to a member of the Association of root workers and readers.

Is Starr Rude and Uncaring?

I am not rude or uncaring but I am not gonna tell you what you want to hear if I don't see it. I'm not gonna agree you are cursed if I don't see it, I'm not gonna say you have live things in your body PERIOD GO TO THE DOCTOR, or demons all around you, I'm not gonna tell you that you have a family curse! So if  being truthful and blunt is being rude and uncaring then I guess I am. I'm not gonna fill your head with a bunch of mess to get your money. I'm NOT gonna claim I can cure you GO TO THE DOCTOR, I'm not a doctor and I don't prescribe cures period!

How long have you been a worker?

I first learned how to read playing cards at age 16. I learned how to do my first spiritual work which was a
healing and uncrossing work
at age 18. I learned to dress and work with vigils at age 18. From that time on I have grown in my practice. I have been a professional root
worker for 40 years now. Before I started my on-line business two years ago I worked by word of mouth only. The is is the first time I have ever advertised my
. Before this if you didn't know someone who was my client you didn't find me.

How often can I get a reading?

This is really up to you. I have some clients who want to speak to me every two weeks, then there are others who want to call once a month and then there are still others whom I'll hear from until they are in need of my services again. I have many different types of clients most of them have been coming to me for at least 30 years or more for my services. So this is a question that it's hard to answer it is really choice how often they consult my services.

Can I come to you?

Absolutely not! I no longer allow internet folks to come to my small shop unless they are referred by someone who is a long standing client. I now treat internet folks as I have in-house folks for the last 40 years. You have to know someone in order to come here. 

How do I schedule a consultation?

Once you pay for the
through PayPal you send me an e-mail and I will set up your appointment. 

Do you require a
before taking a case?

Yes I always require a consultation before accepting a new client, the only time I don't follow this rule is if one of the members of AIRR has referred you to me. The main reason I require a consultation before I agree to any type of spiritual work is because my spirits might
not agree to help with the work. I offer
for $25 for 10 minutes with in this time frame I should know if I can help you or not.

Important message please read!

Due to the excessive abuse of a few the ringers on the telephones at old style conjure are turned off at 5pm daily and are NOT turned back on until the next business day at 12 PM. You may still leave a voice message on the answering machine and your call will be returned by me within 3 business days. I truly hate to go to this extreme but I can't have folks calling all hours of the night.

services offered

I do not to death work for client’s period! I NEVER GUARANTEE MY WORK! It is very unethical for a conjure worker to guarantee their work. When it comes to type of work there is absolutely no guarantee.

What are your strengths in

My strengths are court case work, anything to do with
domination and justice work
. My special gift is cleansing and healing along with protection work.

What are the rates of your root work?

The only work I offer is what is found in my store. 

Are there hidden costs?

There absolutely is not any hidden cost! When I set a price for you that is the price of the total work no matter what it is I have to do to accomplish the job. I don't add more
to the job once I start the job; my price is the final price you pay if you hire me to do conjure
work for you.

What do I get for my money?

First and foremost you get the best job I can do for you. I do my best on all the work I do it does not matter how small or how large the job is. You get my 40 years of experience as a
root worker
on your side. You get one appointment after the work starts so you can ask any questions that you may have. Then you may contact me via e-mail with any other questions you may have. 

I am sorry to say that due to my past experience with clients I must set the limit of e-mails that I answer to two due to the fact in some cases I have answered up to 100 e-mails from a client in less than 6 months

Even though there is no guarantee to root work, I give you my word I will do my very best on your job.






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