I hate to say this once again but as far as I know this is the ONLY book on Traditional Bone Reading. There are a few out on what folks are calling "Contemporary" bone reading. I think these books are more on the line of the "Sangoma" style bone readings. My book is based on the teachings I was taught hands on as a young worker. The ONLY thing I have changed is that I color coded the bones to make it easy for folks to learn since it is through the written word and not hands on face to face.

Excerpt from {Read’en Dem Conjure Bones} ©Starr

Dedicating the Bones

What does the word “dedicated” mean? This is what webopedia has to say “Reserved for a specific use. In communications, a dedicated channel is a line reserved exclusively for one type of communication”. I never thought of my spiritual link with my ancestors as a “dedicated channel” but I guess in reality it is. They come through the bones or the cards as a way to communicate with me. This might not be the “correct” spiritual term but it explains exactly what happens when you dedicate your bones to the ancestors. That dedication will open up the lines of communication between you and your ancestors. You should be able to hear them loud and clear as they speak through the bones.

How exactly do we do this dedication? You could ask fifty workers and almost all of them will tell you something different; but since this is my book I’m gonna tell you one way I dedicate things to my ancestors.