This book is almost 100 pages of information and my personal works on dealing with keeping one’s self spiritually cleansed. This is a must have book for anyone who does spiritual work. 

Excerpt from {Spiritual Cleansing Book} ©Starr 

La Madama is like a mother; she is very powerful and can be called on for all types of work. She is very powerful when it comes to protection and cleansing work. You can work with her in the same way you would St Michael only I would use a knife, pair of scissors or a chicken foot. Her vigil color is red also. Her offering is Rum, brown sugar and molasses. I don’t ever use molasses in my work unless I am trying to slow something down but with her it works the opposite. It feeds the work. For this cleansing you call on her to remove whatever is there this is a good work when you are dealing with relationships.

You need a white bowl, a red vigil, brown sugar, molasses, and dark rum. Place the picture of the client into the bowl; cover the photo with brown sugar, then call on La Madama and ask her to fill the vigil with her power to cleanse the client. Set the vigil in the bowl and light it. Then pour some molasses over the brown sugar and pour some rum over the rest of the ingredients. Tell La Madama that you give her the offering for her help. I go to her three times a day and petition her as long as the vigil burns. 

When the vigil burns out do a reading if there is still something there remove the old vigil and place another one in the bowl and petition her again. Here is the general set up; you can chose who you work with for the cleansing. Call on God and tell him what you are doing. Wipe the photo off with each one of the tea lights while petitioning God to cut and clear everything off of that person. Set the tea lights in the sign of the cross around the photo. Repeat the same thing with each egg that you have written the clients name on. Place the eggs inside the cross. Take a chicken foot, scissors, or a knife and petition God to use this tool to cut everything off of the person that is not good for them.