A Conjure Woman’s Work Chest

There are many items that a Conjure worker works with. I am just going to give you a few I work with and an idea on how to use them. This is not a full list of course; it's just a small list of things I work with.

A deck of playing cards

Playing cards have long been used as a tool for divination by ole school workers.

Pins & Needles

Pins and needles can be used in a variety of ways in Conjure work. They can be used in harmful work; such as a break up jar or a jar used to harm an enemy. You can work with them when you do candle work and you can also use an opened safety pin in a work to draw money into the home. Pins and needles are not always used in dark Conjure work.


Nails have many uses in Conjure work. Rootworkers use nails to nail folks down or rusty nails can be used in bottle conjure to cross someone up. It all depends on the rootworkers petitions and prayers. The ole timey square head nails can be made into a cross and placed at your front and back doors for protection. These nails are made out of iron so they will make a powerful protection amulet to hang in your home either above or behind the door.

Railroad Spikes

Most Conjure workers work with railroad spikes; because the spikes are forged in iron they are very powerful. Unlike the nail; the railroad spike is used by the rootworker for all types of protection conjure. The concept is that iron is unbend-able so it want break. Railroad spikes are used in conjure to nail your land down; some say you can nail your house down with them but because of their size I wouldn’t want to hammer them in my wood floors. I have instead dressed and blessed them then hung a protection mojo bag from them and set them in the four corners of my home. They are also good for works to protect your money.


Ammonia is used to strip away things that are holding you back like blocks and crossed conditions. Ammonia is a great cleanser. The only thing is that you have to be careful when working with ammonia because it will strip away the good luck along with the bad. You need to be very light handed when you use ammonia in block buster and uncrossing work.

Red Devil Lye

It’s hard to find Red Devil lye now days; some of the old feed stores and hardware stores still carry it. In the ole days Conjure workers would advise a client to bury the lye at the four corners of their home with the devil facing outward for protection. You can also use Red Devil lye to send bill collectors away. Red Devil Lye can also be used to send your enemies running. This type of conjure is being lost as older workers pass and folks don't know about the work.

Ms. Stewart’s Bluing

In the old days Conjure workers used Blue Balls in some of their work. Blue Balls are not safe to use; but you can use Ms. Stewart’s Bluing and it is just as good. Add some Ms. Stewart’s Bluing to a small glass of water behind the door to protect your home. You can also add a few drops to any protection or cleansing bath to help empower the bath.

Salt Peter

Salt Peter has a few uses; but the one that I will always remember is that it is used to tie a man’s nature.  The first time I ever heard about Salt Peter was in my Mama’s kitchen. I happen to look up on the ice box and saw it sitting there. I asked my Mama what it was for and she told me “it was my Daddy’s medication”. My oldest sister almost fell out of her chair she was laughing so hard. My sister later told me what it was used for. I was around twenty five and I have never forgotten that, I don’t think I ever will.

Gun Powder

Gun Powder is a powerful ingredient in any conjure work. You can write a uncrossing petition paper out then sprinkle it with gun powder; then being very careful light the paper. Gun powder can be added to many works to heat the work up. A word of advice a pinch will do you! Don’t get heavy handed with it.

Black Coffee

Like ammonia Black Coffee strips things away; when added to a cleansing bath it will remove anything that is on you. Like the use of Red Devil Lye; the use of coffee in conjure work is being lost. If it isn’t in a book or on a website most new conjure workers don’t know about it.


Lemons are like a double edge sword, on one hand they can cleanse and protect then on the other hand they can cross a target up by souring their life. You can cut a lemon in half and cover it with salt and place it behind your front and back door to draw negative energy off of folks coming into your home. A lemon cut in half can also be used in Cut and Remove rootwork.


Eggs are another tool that can be found in a conjure chest that can be used to cleanse or to cross someone up. Wiping one’s self down with an egg and then throwing the egg in the crossroads will cleanse and remove cross conditions from a person.

Chicken Wing

Chickens peck and scratch; so for this reason a chicken wing can be used to brush the body down to remove a crossed condition. The chicken wing along with prayer is a very powerful tool when it comes to cleansing and uncrossing.


The very first tools I learned to use in my work were a candle, egg, and a pair of scissors, I was eighteen years old. Scissors are used to cut away illness and crossed conditions; they are also used for protection. Scissors are another tool in conjure that is being lost to this new age group of workers coming up. Scissors cut conjure work thrown against you; you can keep a pair opened on the door frame of the front of your house. They will cut all negative work sent your way.

I hope this small list helps you start your own conjure work chest. Your tools should only be used when you are doing a work for a client. Don't use them for household uses.