“To catch a spirit, or to protect your spirit against the catching, or to release your caught spirit”. This is “The Complete Theory and Practice of Hoodoo”. Hoodoo page 24, lines 16-17

I am adding this information to my website because I have never really read these {5} books but I am gonna start. I’m also putting the link up in the tool bar because I don’t want certain folks too have to slither through the 300 plus pages I have here to try and find dirt I’ve written about Hyatt. The information will be easily found. I have books 3-5 but I had to borrow book 1 from a friend once I’m done with this one I’ll get book 2 and see what it has to say and so on. You will be able to find all kinds of information on the works in these books on my site; I will be adding new information as I gather it.

Since working with the Saints in Hoodoo is a hot topic I thought I would start there since that is some of the first works found in the first book. Also some folks believe these books are worth their weight in gold and should be believed as the main source of Hoodoo. If this is true then all the information in these books must be true right? I’m not a scholar or a researcher but I’m gonna make this one of my life’s goal to dig through these books and share some of the information found in them.

I don’t like being called out by my name or for folks to try and make me look like I am less than I am; all because I said that I didn't believe all the information written with in these {5} books. So I know in life you can’t have your cake and eat it too; so if Hyatt offers up the Saint’s as workable in “Hoodoo” then it must be a fact right? You can’t pick and choose which information is real and which isn’t that was made very clear to me; so I’m working on the assumption that this information about the Saints is true and on point.

I am gonna use the words "him", "he" or "his" when speaking of Hyatt in some places because I don't want to be accused of trying to pull the search engines to my site by using his name to much in my writings. I don't want to be threaten again that my website could be taken down if it was complained about or Google could keep me out of the search engine if I repeat or use certain words to many times on my site or at all. There are words I'm not allowed to use because someone else {owns} them! I just want to dot all my I's and cross all my T's. Just say-n!



Hyatt states that colored candles and privately own altars are “characteristics of HOODOO” and the treatment of “Christian Saints”. In this “sub-division” he shares more information on what he calls “an unusual aspect of life”.  The pages are as follows 747-748, 770-773, 775-776, 789-792, this is the beginning of the instructions on working with the Saints and candle burning; so this is where I’ll start and share some of the information I find.

On page 747-748 He talks to a Dr. Sims formally of New Orleans but now lives in Washington D.C.. The good doctor tells him of a church in NOLA called St. John’s Temple. She goes on to say that once a student passes her teachings she “writes down to St John’s temple and they mail her a diploma for the student”.  Then the student is allowed to use the name of the temple to represent themselves. She goes on to say that they call the temple “a great Hoodoo place”!  He goes on to ask her if this is a church and she tells him yes. She also say’s “Yeah, it’s like a church and dey have lots of understudies and they heal there”.  “They do everything there”. “They have more white people than they do colored”.

Hyatt continues to question her he asks her about initiations, altars, candles and Saint’s.  The good Dr. says “Oh yes, I have the same thing. Ah have it now at mah place”. She goes on to tell him that she has Saint’s candles, oils and different things on the altar. She invites him to come check her altar out at her house on any day but Sunday. She’s in church on Sunday’s. He wants to know where her church is but he says “she conveniently missed my question and I do not repeat it”. I assume she offered to give him some works, he doesn’t say so but he does say “All right suppose you tell me one of those”; again I assume he is talking about work because she starts telling him how to work with St. Anthony.

This is one of the problems I have with Hyatt, in some of his information he does a half ass job. Why didn’t he ask more questions? Why just drop it when he was supposed to be collecting information. Why pick and choose? These are some of my biggest problems with him; some folks have built their whole conjure careers out of these books. These books have become the Hoodoo law! If your information doesn’t follow the lines of these books then YOU MUST BE FULL OF SHIT OR YOUR BEING DISRESPECTFULL TO THE GOOD FOLKS WHO SHARED THIS INFORMATION! Not all of this information was given by workers; a lot of it was given by hearsay, second hand, third hand or by clients who went to workers! Then he doesn’t collect all the information because he just bypasses it and moves on to the work offered as he did with the good doctor here.

Here’s the work Dr. Sims shared with him. His work is copyrighted so I’m gonna put any works I share in my own words and not “infringe” on his copyright! I will be doing all the writing I share like this.

Saint Anthony pg 747-748

Here are the instructions the good Dr. gave for this work.

You take a photo of the target and you turn it upside down, you take a pink candle and I don’t want to get this wrong so I am gonna quote it “and burn it to it for nine nights and nine days”. This would keep the target thinking of you.

She has more to say, she say’s “these are in my words; a woman can take a piece of paper write his name {9} times going one way then she turns the paper and writes her name across his {9} times. She then takes a pink light and puts it on top of the names and lets it burn and drip over the names. The Doctor says that once the paper is covered he’ll be back”.

She now tells how to petition St. Anthony to stop someone who is trying to harm you. Here’s the instructions; you need {3} candles, black, yellow and green. Basically what you do is set them on a photo of St. Anthony; you burn each candle a little in the morning and a little at night until they are all burned. This is to “relieve you or your mind” I take this to mean if someone is working on you.

Now she moves on to St. Peter but it is easy to see that Hyatt is confused and really doesn’t understand what she is talking about because he asks her “well what do you do about St. Anthony”? She explains that he is the saint. Then Hyatt gets it that she’s talking about a photo of St. Anthony.

St. Peter pg 748

She says that Saint Peter is the saint used for all thieves she goes on to give instructions on how to work with him. You need a brass key and a Bible for this work. From what I am reading you place the key in the Bible and you start calling names of the folks you think took the item. She says the Bible will turn and fall when you hit on the right name. Hyatt wants to know what she is doing with St. Peter and she says “you only stand him and light a light, jest a white candle, and then use dis big brass key which is de one dat gives yo’ de secrets to thieves”.  Further down on this same page he brings up the Catholic Church and ask the doctor if she has knowledge of folks burning candles on altars and using Holy oil like they do in the Catholic Church. I find this very interesting as quite a few folks balk at the very idea that the Saints are a part of Hoodoo! They are adamant that there is no way that all workers were Protestant; that new folks coming into Hoodoo brought in the Saints and that working with them is not Traditional Hoodoo.  To me that is not what Hyatt wrote and if his every word is to be believed then this must be true too!

We will come back to the other information in this section later on because right now it’s all about the Saints.

Now moving on to the bottom of page 770 where the informant is asked questions by Hyatt about getting candles burned on their behalf. For what this informant says I would say the worker was Catholic again this was in NOLA. He asks “what did you see in the room”? The informant repeats his question to make sure it was understood then they answer him. The room is dark so they “just see them little lights burning” the little lights burning at the “altar”. He also asks what the worker was wearing. The most important give away that the worker was Catholic is when the informant tells what they did when they entered the altar room. They say “I’d get down on my knees” she then shows him that she had to make the sign of the cross before going to the altar. This is very Catholic!

Once at the altar she would get on her knees and pray to the Saint that sat there. If she wanted more blessings from another Saint she would move on to the next Saint.  He back tracks as I’m finding he likes to do and ask the informant what she did when she first got there. She says she made the “sign of the cross” then moved to the altar where the worker asks her what she needed. Then he asks what this worker call herself the informant says “a Spiritualist”. Then he wants to know if she charges and the informant said she did by donation. If you wanted her to work for you then the worker would give you a price for the work, the candle burning was done by donation but anything else there was a price from what the informant is saying. So the ole “working for free was just shot down”! He asks about the altars and the Saints again he wants to know if the candles are burned on the Saint’s altar and the informant tells him they are as long as you pay for the candle burning.

He then wants to know if the candles are always left burning and the informant tells him they are “the candles are always lit, you see, with Saints all around it. It always stays lit day and night”. The informant also talks about the Mother of this church; she talks about how the worker might send you out to collect certain things for the work then when you bring them back she might charge you 100.00 to put the work together. Now a $100.00 back then was like a $1000.00 today, that’s a big chunk of money. So once again I guess the ole idea of FREE work just went out the door.

Now we move on to page 773 and this time the worker is male. He asks the informant what the worker was wearing and she tells him. Then he wants to know about the workers altar this is what she says “well his altar look just like a pulpit. Well he got, candles and Saint’s pictures and flowers- you know, all that”. This information was also given in NOLA.

Ok I have to add this! I have gotten so much bullshit over the years for working with syrup and not honey I deserve to gloat a little. Here’s a recipe given to Hyatt by a young girl in my words but her recipe “make a seal out of a brown piece of paper, then write the targets name in the center {one time} then you mix Rabbit SYRUP, sugar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and bay rum, you add all this to a coconut you have made a hole in. This is done to sweeten the target”. Well well well as I live and breathe folks must have really worked with syrup even He says so! I just had to share that work with y’all. Now back to the Saint’s

On page 776 he touches on a worker who had a lot of Saint Pictures on her altar and candles. The informant says this worker was from Algiers and she was her teacher. The worker was also white; she did work for anyone who came to her for help. He calls her a Hoodoo spiritualist. No wonder folks are so confused about what is Hoodoo and what is not. Reading this book I can see Hyatt caused a lot of the confusion himself.

At the bottom of page 789 we are back with Saint Anthony. This section is named “Spiritual Hoodoo raps for Saint”. This informant tells him that when he doesn’t have food he petitions Saint Anthony “Ah gives him a white light an’ I sets mah light at nine, twelve an three tuh him”.  He goes on to say he raps once and that Saint Anthony raps back; He asks him when would Saint Anthony answer back and the informant say’s “In de noon of de day”. He goes on to say that the work is done for {9} days then the roads are opened. Looks like the Saints are pretty hot in “Spiritual Hoodoo”.

On to Saint Jude. Hyatt wants to know what folks say about St. Jude so the informant tells him “Well he’s a good Saint.  Ah set lights to him”. He sets either green or yellow lights for Saint Jude. The informant goes on to say that St. Jude heals and he will conquer your enemies. He asks how to call the Saint and the informant tells him to light the lit then rap on the altar and call the Saint’s name.

The last one we see is on page 791 and this one comes from a worker. I find it funny how he labels her “This woman is a professional hoodoo doctor with a little spiritual thrown in”. This also happened in NOLA. She tells him how to catch a spirit working with Saint Michael. She says to place St. Michael in the East corner and he will help you catch the spirit you are trying to catch. I’m gonna stop here but keep checking back there is more Saints in this book to be written about. Are the Saints part of Hoodoo or aren’t they? I leave that for you to decide for yourself.

Saint’s Part Two

Now I know why I am not a researcher, this is the most tedious thing I have ever tried to do. I take my hat off to all those who have went through these books with a fine tooth comb. I think what really makes it so tedious is because Hyatt is all over the place with these questions and he does a lot of back tracking; it just wears you out trying to keep up with where he is taking you. In this section there are {26} pages worth of information the page numbers are {862-888} this is the Saint section of book {1}. It looks just at a glance that he was in NOLA and surrounding areas; he collected a good bit of information on the Saints in Hoodoo. I’m not sure why it was so important that there NOT be Saints in Hoodoo, but looks like he had other ideas.

The very first entry {2991} is information given by a 50 year old woman who was paid for the information she gave. Hyatt says that Moses one of his go between guys brought this worker to him as a birthday present. She is a professional worker and he says she gave an “extemporaneous prayer, opening and closing with a tri-form petition”. I’m gonna give this prayer in her words because I don’t want to hack it up this is a prayer to Saint Anthony.

“St Anthony, open dis do’. St Anthony please open de do’. An’ dear St Anthony who lives in Jesus’ love, open dis do’. St Anthony, ah consecrate mahself  to yo’ an’ use yo’ as mah patron saint, an’ ah’ask yo’ tuh send me customers,  St Anthony an’ ah’ll always use yo’, through our Lord givin ‘yo’ de power an strength tuh send me customers an’ give yo’ de lights on yore {altar}.

 St Anthony open dis do’, St Anthony open dis do’, St Anthony open dis do’”!

This is a very good road opening praying to open the roads to one’s business. This work was given February 21, 1940. She then goes on to talk about St. Raymond.

Saint Raymond

She tells him that St. Raymond is good for success and luck. You need the “red” saint candle everything should be red. The prayer comes on the candle; the candles are worked on Mondays and Thursday’s. This is what she has to say about St. Raymond “an’ ah’ll guarantee that yo’ll have mo luck then yo’ want in {24} day’s. But yo’ must give him yore offerings. He’s guaranteed {24} hours- 24 hours to a day. He gives yo’ js whut chew want. He’s first class". This information was given in NOLA.

She goes on to talk more about St. Anthony; she says you can petition him for anything but that you should burn brown candles to him and that his days are “Thursdays an’ Tuesday’s” I always wondered where the different days came from now I know Hyatt. I have been taught to work whenever the work is needed, but I have seen a lot of limits being put on the work now I understand where that’s coming from. Looks like a lot of folks follow his guidelines or maybe just a few who are teaching it and calling it the rules of Hoodoo.

Saint BlackHawk

I find this entry very interesting.  She calls him Saint Blackhawk but the side note says {not really a Catholic Saint}. She says “Blackhawk is supposed to be one of them old evil Saints”. She goes on to say that “that’s a man that died, he was not infidel, but he did not believe they had a God”. She gives the instructions to burn black candles to him just like you would any other Saint. She continues to talk about Blackhawk and she says instead of working with him through God you work with him through the devil. Hyatt asks her if Blackhawk is the devil and she says “Absolutely he’s one of the devils servants”. All I can say is WOW and folks put so much time in proving these books are the end all be all cause this information is documented. Sweet Jesus bless their hearts!

Saint Expedite

This informant gives a work for St. Expedite but they tell him the wrong Saint. When he asked about St. Expedite this is what they say “Expedite Saint is on a horse with swords in his hand and a whole lot of snakes around him. That’s the Expedite saint”. This is misinformation St. Expedite is not on a horse she could be talking about St. George, St. James or San Martin. This is what I have been saying for years; folks really need to be careful with this information unless you know what you are doing; so because I have said this numerous times I was called out for it on a face book group, they didn't hint that they were talking about me they called me out by name so now I feel like I have to defend myself and prove what I have been saying all along some of this information is dangerous it is not all given by workers as we see with Dr. Hobs, its second hand, third hand and sometimes it’s just something someone has heard!

It seems like most of these folks worked with the photo of the saint and not the statue, that’s how it seems. Even though the informant got the Saint wrong in her description the work that was given makes sense so I’m gonna share it.

Here is the work given in my words, nail a photo of St. Expedite behind the front door. Give him a small hammer and a nail as an offering. Then you burn a black candle asking him for protection. This work is done if you feel someone is burning against you. Leave the hammer and nail on the altar.

St. Espidy

This informant gives a work but they had some interesting things to say about St. Espidy “ah heard dat he was a man dat didn’t believe in no evil work, an he didn’t  fool roun’ wit no kinda evil doin’ when he wus on dis scene an’ he wus a true man, an’ when he died he went tuh heaven”. St. Espidy is nailed behind the door.

To get your hearts desires, light a green candle and you burn this candle from 6 am till 9 am then you put it out. Then at 6pm you light it again and burn it till 9pm. You burn the candle for {9} days.

St. Espidee “Saint runs free travel agency”

St. Espidee, “if yo’ pray tuh him he’ll send yo’- he’ll send yo’ any where yo’ wanted tuh go. All yo’ have tuh do is promise him a light- any diff’rent kind light”.

St. Espidee ”Is a Lawyer”

You can petition St. Espidee if you have a court case and he will battle for you. Give him a white light and an offering of either milk or white rum. This comes from Algiers.

To Bring Him Back

Write your man’s name on the back of a photo of St. Espidee three times, and then cover his name with your name. Tack the photo behind the door and light a candle then get down on your knees and pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then petition him to bring your man back. NOLA

St. Expandee “He’s the Conker in Law Suits”

Get his photo blessed at the Catholic Church then you bring it home and place it behind the door. “Then you burn a pink candle to it at all the time”. If you have a law suit against you then you go to the Catholic Church and say a novena to St. Expandee. Hyatt ask about the photo and the informant says “you have this picture blest at the Church and bring it to your house and have your little alt6ar made and burn a pink candle to him. NOLA # 3006

I have been asked many times how to work with this Saint now folks have a good idea of how to work with him.

Saint Joseph

I have to add this before I move on to Saint Joseph, I could never for the life of me understand where all these certain days and times come from; all these rules about working on certain days and such. It never made any sense to me as I was taught to work when the work was needed but now I understand all of these rules of days and such is coming out of the "Hyatt books" this book is full of do’s and don’ts. 

3009-Informant tells him that Saint Joseph will only work for married woman or widows; that he won’t work for single woman. She goes on to say if a woman’s husband has left her and she wants him back she can light a white candle to Saint Joseph and petition him to bring her husband back; or she can wait until March 19 that’s his celebration day, some folks give him an altar on that day. They have nothing but bread on the altar and then they give the bread away and keep none for themselves.

3010-if you want to draw your man to you the petition Saint Joseph. Write your man’s name {3} times and your name once over his. Put the name paper in a container and pour Toulouse SYRUP {what! Not Syrup!} Over the name paper and add a little steel dust. This is done to draw and sweeten your man and his money by what the informant says. You burn a cup candle on top of the container.

 Saint Peter

Saint Peter is one of my favorite saints. Here’s what one of Hyatt’s informant had to say about him “yo’ wanta do somepin against a person well St. Peter always will help yo’. St. Peter in Hoodoo does not always act like a Christian.” This is not the first time I have heard it said that St. Peter will work both sides of the fence.

Saint Michael

This informant say’s to burn a red candle to St. Michael on Fridays before 6:30 pm you shouldn’t light any more candles to him after that. You pray the petition on the candle and St. Michael will have your enemies under his feet “that is the way he’ll have your enemies down under your feet. They will have to knuckle under you, instead of knuckling under them”. This informant had a statue instead of a photo. NOLA

This informant gives more information about working with Saint Michael. If you have enemies coming to your house you can place Saint Michael above the door this will keep the devils away.

If you feel you have an evil spirit or anything else evil around your house you pray to Saint Michael and he'll help you. You say the Lord’s Prayer nine times and you call Saint Michael’s name and you ask him to help you on every verse and petition Saint Michael to help you; you burn of pink candle to Saint Michael. Saint Michael doesn't have any special days just any day can be worked for him. The informant is asked what do they use to keep the evil spirit away they sprinkle holy water in the four corners of the house and they say in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. Saint Michael keeps the evil spirits away. You can also put some of the holy water in your bath to cure a headache that is caused by someone burning against you.

The next informant says that Saint Michael is an evil Saint that folks go to the church and pray to him if they want dirty things done that folks go to the church and pray to him if they won't dirty things done.

Informant 3018 says “St. Michael ain’t good, St. Michael works with the devil”.

Mother Catherine

Informant 3020 tells us about mother Catherine this informant tells us that almost every home that you go into has a Saint over the door and the folks that live there have candles burning; the kind like they had in the Catholic Church.  You place the picture of mother Catherine up over the candle; the Saint is no good unless you burn to them, the light gives them life.

The informant goes on to tell how to catch a murder by doing graveyard work; I am not adding these types of works to my site. Graveyard work is dangerous and should only be taught hands on, not in books or the web!

3023 says that she opens the way and she takes care of Mothers with children. You pray to her twice a day "at twelve o'clock sure and in the morning". You offer her a blue candle.

3024 this informant talks about the saints. They say that the Saint photo's and statues should be blessed by the church before you bring them into your home. You can light a green candle at "six o'clock in the evening, especially in the morning {six} for success".

Blessed Mother

3025 "she is a Motherly Saint" she loves children. You can promise her lights for {9} days and some flowers and in {3} days she has to give you what you ask for; but if you don't give her the offering you promised bad luck will fall upon you.

3026 if someone has taken something from your home you can place a green candle in a saucer with sugar around it; and petition her to make them bring it back and they will have to return it to your home.

3027 For help in general you can light a pink candle to her on "Wednesdays and Thursdays and Mondays then say the Lord’s Prayer and petition her for what you need.

Saint Peter

3028 This informant is going to tell us all about St. Peter. They start out by saying St. Peter don't pray at all. He doesn’t stand for any foolishness. St. Peter is the kind of Saint you can ask for anything because he has the keys to heaven and he opens the way. You need to get a key and hang it on the blue ribbon then you wear the key around your neck and then you take it and give it to St. Peter. You will have success in every way. Then the informant is ask where you have St. Peter and the informant says St. Peter is in the church but of course you could have him in your house if you have him blessed.  You have to always make sure you know what you're doing when you're talking to the Saints of course were not just talking to the Saints but were talking to the man above to because he's got something to do with this you see. When you're talking to the Saints and you promise them things if you don't hold to your promise you're just blow to bits and that's all there is to.

3029 this informant tells how he burns to St. Peter three days a week on Wednesdays Friday and Monday. This is a little confusing but I think that the most important thing is that he also talks about the blue ribbon with the key and the certain days of the week that he burns to St. Peter.

3030 this informant says that he burns either a red light or green light to St. Peter. St. Peter will work to open the way. The petition he says to St. Peter is “St. Peter open the doors let no man close them because I know you got the key I know you have the key and open doors and I'll set you a banquet of flowers and I'll let my lights burn for nine days and at the end of the nine days I know you'll give me my wishes”. He goes on to say that he burns on Wednesdays and Monday to St. Peter.

I’m moving forward to 3035 because the others are basically repeats about what I’ve already written; the one thing that was different from one of the informants was that they said you could place a key above your door for St. Peter.

3035 This informant says  that St. Peter will do anything that you ask him to do as long as you keep your word and give him his offerings it can be an offering of money an offering of flowers and also an offering of candles. Place St. Peter on the wall and burn your candles beneath him if you give him all the offerings as promised he would do what you want don't forget to give him some water and you will always have luck. I added this because this is the first time that I've seen an offering of something cool to drink for a Saint so I thought it was important.

This informant is a little off they say that men are not supposed to petition St. Peter are to burn to him; that men who need help are supposed to petition the Holy Mother that St. Peter won't help men. If a man petitions him he's liable to set your house on fire.

3036 this informant says that St. Peter is good and bad and you got a handle St. Peter rough you got a treat him dirty whatever cuss words I say I have to say them to him too; if you drink you got a wet him with liquor. There's a note here that says “see beer for St. Peter”. Oh my goodness and this gets worse this informant say’s that you have to show St. Peter your backside that you have to treat him dirty treat him mean on account of he was so mean. He wasn't what he professed to be he was a follower of Christ and when Christ got into the judgment hall he did not know about him. He will also set your house on fire if you don’t keep your word to him.

You see this is why I have issues with some of these works in these five books. There will be somebody who will read this and who will show their backside to St. Peter no matter how disrespectful it may be to try and have their petitions answered. I have not ever heard of St. Peter not working with men this is something new to me and I have worked with St. Peter since I was a young girl.

3037 this is a crossing work and I am not gonna add it here.

3038 this work is really interesting according to this informant you can burn either a yellow candle, pink candle or a white candle to St. Peter for luck. You light the candle before 7 o'clock in the morning if I'm reading this right you can add sugar and cinnamon to the candle this informant worked with St. Peter and St. Joseph he says he burned right on top of his truck. He would burn the candles at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock that was to bring good luck. He goes on to caution that whatever promises you make to St. Peter that you should keep them.

3041This informant tells us how to take St. Peter down off the wall and flipping him upside down to win a court case. From the instructions you take St. Peter down off the wall or off the mantle and you flip them upside down you give him a red candle then on the day of court you throw a glass of water in his face and you go to court this is supposed to help you win your court case. The informant goes on to say that this works for small court case if you have a large court case then you have to work harder at.

St. Raymond

3042 This informant starts out by saying that St. Raymond "he stand up like a big old Saint". If you need to petition St. Raymond for money then you would petition him on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays you would burn a green candle to him. The instructions are to light your candle get down on your knees and say your prayers you repeat your prayer nine times and you can ask him for anything that you need.

3044 this informant tells us that St. Raymond is a good Saint. St. Raymond is the poor man's Saint; he will make sure that you have food to feed your children. He says to give St. Raymond a green candle for nine days pray your petition to that candle for the nine days when that nine days is up start another candle and St. Raymond will always help.

3045 when this informant is ask what St. Raymond looks like the informant tells him that he has on a little short dress with a crown on his head and he's got something down that looks like the devil on the ground it has a tilt and horns on its hate he's got a sword in his hand raised up of course this informant is confusing Saint Michael what St. Raymond and Hyatt catches it. The informant says that if you have a business and you put this Saint over the door that he will protect your business. The informant goes on to say that he knows that this Saint will protect your business because he used to have a bit it wasn't really his business but he ran it for someone else. He also says that every morning he would sprinkle of the floor down with holy water and that he got this holy water from the Catholic Church you could did it in quart bottles between the sign picture and the holy water your business will be well protected.

3047 this informant tells us that you can burn a green candle to St. Raymond for work if you want to get a job you can write the bosses nine on a piece of paper nine time then you get some cinnamon and parsley and some garlic pounded all up to get and you put that on top of your nine paper then you put that in front of your candle to St. Raymond if you want peace in your house then you would burn a white candle to St. Raymond.

Some of the folks who are given this information are confusing St. Raymond with other Saints like Saint Michael and St. Peter but this seems to be caught while they are speaking about them.

Saint Rita

St. Rita is our next Saint and as you will see she doesn't like men.  I was taught this when I was young and first of started working with the Saints I was told to never bring St. Rita in my house because I had a son I know that now days some men try to work with her just be careful and watch yourself.

3052 the informant tells us that St. Rita could never keep a husband and that the last husband she had beat her so bad that it turned her against all men and any woman that has a husband. If they try to work with St. Rita all she will do is bring them bad luck. If you're a single woman then St. Rita will help you but she won't have anything to do with men at all because she doesn’t like them.

3053 this informant says that St. Rita is for children but she's not for me she's for children and women if there's a man in the house she'll drive him out. The informant tell a story of St. Rita and they also say that you can petition St. Rita for help but you cannot petition her for anything to do with the man unless you want to run your man out of the house they also say that you don't burn candles to her that you just give her flowers.

3058 were moving on to this informant because all the other ones just repeat what we already know this informant tells us a story about St. Rita. They say that the reason she doesn’t like men and according to Scripture from their understanding she never did like me and for the simple reason on account of Christ. She never did. When Christ was born she looked and seemed that he was a man as she walked away and they made her come back. He was called the King of Lord's. So we have a celebration every year called Carnival. The informant goes on to say that "Carnival just passed and that Carnival is for the sake of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when he was born. He was born so they trying on December 25 and the informant says "well I understand different". It was on a carnival that he was coming when they said prepared ye for the kingdom of heaven is nigh at hand". The informant goes on to tell how Jesus hung on the cross from the six until the ninth hour and and during Carnival no one can wear their mask after 6 o'clock. All this is in the Scripture and the Bible that is how St. Rita became to hate me because he was born a man and he was supposed to be her father. A woman can go and ask her for anything but a man cannot.

3060 this informant says that she went to St. Rita to get her husband back. She says she burn incense in her house and described in sent all in her house. Another woman had taken her husband from her. She said she was a mother with children and he didn't want to do anything he would pay the rent he would support her or the children he wouldn't do anything and so she went and pray and just take some holy water and scrubbed her house and sprinkle the holy water in the house and lit a candle on her little altar where she has her Saints she had three lights going. She wrote his 9 times frontwards and nine times backwards in the sign of the cross and she had his photo then she lit St. Rita's candle.  At first she says she lit a white candle now she's saying that you like a blue candle to St. Rita but then she goes on to say that the white candle is for St. Rita for her to do her job. She says that her husband stayed away three more weeks but that she wasn't worried about she didn't even think about him but when he came home he went straight and paid the landlord for three weeks rent. She says that has been three years ago and that she never moves that like she always keeps the light burning to Saint Rita. He asked her if she's Catholic and she said yes sir!

He goes on to ask her how she arranged the altar. Pay if I'm understanding this right she put her husband's photo down first and then laid been named paper on top of it and this was set in front of St. Rita and then you put the white candle on top of that. Then you place the dark candle on the left-hand side she goes on to explain that evil is always on the left-hand side and then on the right side you put the candle that represents your man. Ok I'm not sure how this set up goes, now she is saying that the white one is in the center and the blue one is to the right side, but she says the one for evil is on the left. She says when you light the candles you light her candle first. For the petition she asked for St Rita to bring her husband home. Now we come to the color of the candle in the north it’s a "black" candle. So the setup is black, white, and blue. If I understand this right you say a part of the petition for each candle, like on the "black" one you would ask for her to take your man away from this other woman.

The next informant also talks about St. Rita bringing her man home. I'm sorry but this doesn't jive with anything I have ever heard about working with St. Rita. I have always heard and have been warned numerous times not to work with her because I have sons and a husband. I'm not gonna test the waters. I think they got her confused with another female Saint.

I’m by passing St. Roc because I don’t think it is useful information, the informant tells of a Grandmother who goes to an evil church and has a curse put on her grandson so I want be adding that.

The Scared Heart of Jesus

Then we start at the Sacred Heart of Jesus I do a lot of burning to him for peace in my home and concerning my children so this should be really interesting hope I learned something new to.

3064 This informant says that if you're trying to get the attention of someone that you can add 9 tablespoons of sugar to into a glass of water and offer it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They go on to say that all you have to do is put the sweetened water under the photo of Jesus that you have on the wall and they guarantee that this will bring back or get the attention of the person you care about.

3065 This informant says that if you have confusion in your house and you won't peace then you can give the Sacred Heart of Jesus a grid candle on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays that's the Sacred Heart of Jesus days.

3066 The next informant says that you can burn a purple candle to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and that will bring all your wishes to you.

There has been a great debate on the Internet about the Saint's being part of hoodoo after writing and collecting almost 20 pages of information on the Saint's in book {1} I have to say that it is a very strong possibility that there is a misconception on the Internet about what is and what isn't worked with in Hoodoo. I think that some folks have picked through and chosen the information that they have put out there. Looking through book {1} it is very obvious that Hyatt found out a lot of information from informants who worked heavily with the Saints. You can't pick and choose what you think is and what isn't; if these books are to be the Hoodoo law then shouldn't all the information that are in them be shared. To me working with the Saints is a lot safer than all the graveyard work that has been taught without hands on teachings. Like I said you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I have come to the end of the Saint's in book {1} as far as I can tell. I will continue to look for them within the book but I have decided to go ahead and make different sections for different parts of the book, so I can finish with book 1 and get book {2}. There will be a link at the bottom of each page leading to a new section of Hyatt information. Follow the link to the new page. This is very tedious but I have a point to prove so I hope y'all are enjoying this information.



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