Old Style Conjure The Conjure Academy Mission Statement



Momma Starr founded The Conjure Academy as a way of preserving true and traditional Conjure work as taught in her family and in the American South. The Conjure Academy upholds as its tenets the preservation of American Southern culture, Spirit-Led & Spirit-Filled practices upholding at their source the Holy Trinity & the Christian Bible, and the respect due to all our Ancestors who died and suffered at the hands of their oppressors.

The tenets that we share at The Conjure Academy are what inform true and traditional Conjure work as practiced in the past and present throughout the American South. Our primary goal in sharing these time-honored practices is to preserve the SPIRIT and knowledge of what our ancestors planted and sown in the roots, herbs, minerals, rocks, water flows, and crossways on American soil.

What distinguishes The Conjure Academy is that the information shared with students is HANDS ON knowledge that Momma Starr has gained and learned in her 40+ years as a strong healer, gifted reader, and traditional no-nonsense conjure woman. As a participant in The Conjure Academy you will be taught hard-to-find knowledge that may help you CREATE your own BUILDING BLOCKS of TOTAL SUCCESS, Prosperity, & Abundance!

Through the knowledge disseminated at The Conjure Academy we sincerely hope to uplift our Ancestors through our heartfelt thanks while praying their burdens to rest where the Sun sets.

Glory Be to God Almighty for all the gifts we have received and Praise to the Ancestors for the knowledge they planted in our Spirit to unlock those powerful gifts. Amen!

All the classes offed at the academy can be found by following the link below.

The Conjure Academy