In this section were to talk about spirit and animals. Now I'm seeing where the misconception of laying tricks down for only one target has come from. I have been talking about this since I got on the Internet and I could never figure out where in the world the idea came from that you could sprinkle our lay work down and only the target would be affected. This idea apparently comes from Hyatt because I see here in brackets where he says "usually the fixed article hurts only the person for whom it is fixed". Well this is true if no one else gets in it or walks through it. I have seen hotfoot powder move out whole families even know it was laid for one target. I'm not going to tell you what to believe or what not to believe I leave that up to you. I will say that I don't believe that if someone gets in a trick I laid for someone else they won't be affected. This is why I started doing the majority of my tricks in jars and bottles so the only person affected by the work is the target.

203 this informant tells of the work that was placed in someone's home that was only supposed to affect the wife but it ended up affecting the husband to this informant says that she saw a with her own eyes. This informant says that they drove 13 miles to the root doctor. The root Dr. told the client that the next day of buzzard with fly over her house the informant says that the next day as the root Dr. claimed of buzzard flew over the house. The informant goes on to talk more about the situation but the notes here are a jumbled mess.

In this section there are a lot of stories about animals doing work for the conjure worker. I have found the information on the "black frizzly hen". The informant tells how those hens will find any types of work and scratch it up. This comes from Beaufort S.C.. Well here's a news flash folks "ANY' chicken will scratch up work it doesn't have to be a black frizzly hen. Like someone said about me when I was called out "I know where that meme started".

This information continues from 209-.214 The interesting thing is that the informant never says it HAS to be a frizzly hen, they say most folks have at least one in their yard and they are good at finding work that has been laid around the house. You have to also remember that "hens" were food for these folks. They didn't go to the store and by ready cut chicken.

215 through 219 tell stories about Black Cats following folks home and how it is bad luck because bad things happen, they call it a "token" or a Omen. 220 tells of a girl who died and when they tried to move the coffin it was too heavy, when they opened it up to see what the issue was a black cat jumped out. There's a few of these one even says it was a buzzard.

245 this informant tells about how someone worked against her by painting a snake on her gate. From my understanding she went across the street to get something and when she came back and went to open her gate something struck her on the little finger of the left hand and it was hot and started hurting. The reason I wanted to share this with you is because of the bath recipe that she gives. She got some fish brine off of the mackerel fish, some saltpeter, some baking soda and some salt. She heated it all up and then she took a bath in it. She took a few baths. Then she went to a fortune-telling woman in town to get herself check out. The fortune-telling woman is the one that told her someone had painted this night on her gate, she also told her that she had did the right thing by taking those baths. This made me think of my Mama and my aunt's cooking fish with the head still on them.

246 the informant says that when she was around five years old her mother hurt her knee and they called the hoodoo. The knee became as swollen has the informant head. The grandfather took mackerel fish brine, a nickel's worth of Brown Mule tobacco and put it in a quart of water and then boiled it down to a pint then he added red pepper and vinegar he used this as a rub until the swelling was all gone. The informant is then asked how she got hurt. The informant says that she stepped over a mark across the road the mark was made zigzag like a lightning symbol.

The Black Cat Bone

This section covers the black cat bone. Of course I'm not going to write about everything that's here but I will pick some of the better works to share. First I want to say that these works are vicious and harmful to Cats. I have black Bones from my cats who have passed from natural causes. I don't believe that a Black Cat needs to be tortured to make their bones lucky. To me that is vicious and cruel. Also remember that a lot of this information is hearsay it's things that folks have heard. All this information is not coming from professional root workers.

253 this informant says that they heard that you can get a solid black cat and you boil him until all the meat is all the bones. They don't want to say that the only good bone is the one that floats to the top of the water. You take that bone and you say three words"Lord Have Mercy" and  the Lord's prayer over it then you sell it up in a sack and you tote. Place it in your right hand pocket.

254 this informant says that as the Cat is boiling he stands between pot and the devil and his imps. He says "They come a whole gang of little people in there to dance with me. I've got to do this in the dahk. But when they git in they'll bring their own light, de music an ever'thing". If the bone rises then it was a success and they have a lucky bone.

 255 this informant says they have no personal experience with this it's what they heard. You catch a Black Cat and keep it for {9} days, then you get the bone.

257 This one is a little different the informant says it has come from ole folks. Run a Black Cat around the house three times then cut the tail off and bury it under the front door stoop. The next night repreat the process but this time you kill the cat and bury it in the swamp for three days then you dig him up and boil him the bone that rises is the lucky bone.

Some of this stuff is so outrageous I'm not gonna waste my time or yours writing it out. Some say you boil the cat and throw the bones in a stream and the bone that goes down stream is the lucky one. When ask how you get the bone back most say you don't you let it go. "In my way of thinking that kind of defeats the purpose." or is it just me.

264 this informant say's to carry a Black Cat bone on the left side under your left arm and feed it Hoyts "hearts" Cologne for all kinda good luck.

277 this informant says to take a Black Cat to the crossroads and strokes his tail {7} times then you whirl him over your head {3} times then let him go. Go home and don't look back, you will have anything you want.

Once again something I had been wondering about has been answered "don't look back". That is a major rule in a lot of folks works I couldn't figure out where it came from now I know "Hyatt". Folks are saying they are not sure about some of the works they are giving; they say its things they have heard. I don't understand how this information that many folks in Book 1 admit is hearsay has become the foundation of Conjure on-line. I just don't get it. A lot of the folks giving the information is saying it is stuff they have heard or someone has told them; but these books have become the "Hoodoo Law"!

289 this informant talks about {2} bones they say don't throw the cat alive into boiling water. You walk by the cat {3} times before you kill it then you throw it in a pot and boil it until the meat falls off the bone. Take the first bone that pops up out of the water, then if I am understanding this right you throw the rest of them in a creek or river the second bone will come back to the bank, you pick it up and you have your {2} bones.

Please don't be cruel to Black Cats, you can find the bones a lot of places and from my experience they work without harming the cat. The book goes on about Black Cats and how to get their bones, mostly its all the same. I did find it interesting when the informants said that a black cat bone and a mirror can make you invisible, that for sure is an ole wives tale.

309 this informant tells you how to fix a Black cat bone so I am adding this. You pray over the bone and roll it in steal dust powder and come back powder. The informant says you can find these items on Rampart Street. Note "Had the informant been a doctor, the bone could have been dressed in this way or any way".

323 "Black Cat Bone Cures" this informant says that a Black Cat bone can cure you apply it to the part of the body that is ailing; it has the power to drive the witches out.

326 "Black Cat Powder" the informant says for {7} mornings face the East where the Sun rises, say the Lord's prayer and sprinkle the powder around you house, you enemy can't ever cross over it. "The sun is rising so you are drawing protection to your home".