La Madama



 My Nana gave her to me a very long time ago.

For me BIG MAMA; represents power, bravery, cunning and a spirit that couldn't be broken. She ran the household and took care of everything from healing to birthing babies. She was a root woman. She worked with roots and herbs weather it was for cooking or healing. She was more in charge of the household than the white women it belong to. She kept the family strong and kept the house running smoothly. Having knowledge of a spirit and actually working with that spirit is two different things. Anyone can give lip service about a spirit; but when that spirit has touched your life you see them in a different way.

I have never been one of those folks who have to compete with others to show how big they are. I KNOW my own ANCESTORS, spirit and power; I’ve never had to prove it to folks. It is what it is! The thing is that folks will see what they want to see any way; it’s human. Just be yourself and be true to yourself!  If you have to knock someone else down to make yourself look good then you have a big issue going on within your own spirit. Honoring Big Mama will draw blessings and power into your life. By honoring her she will bless you.

You can petition her for any need you may have. She is the patron of card readers and likes to have her own deck of cards. She is strong where the family is concerned and will help with any issues you may have within your home. She is also a strong defender and will take care of her chosen folk. If you feel drawn to reach out to her then do so, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. She is a power house who will walk beside you and yours in your daily life.