Searching through this book I now see where a lot of this information is coming from on the web. From what I can see it's coming from the Hyatt books. Something else that really stumped me and I couldn't figure it out was or where in the world it came from "Black Belt Hoodoo"? I had never heard of it nor had anyone I asked ever heard anything about it; not meaning that it didn't exist. I hadn't ever heard of "Black Belt Hoodoo" nor had anyone I asked about it.. Well guess where that comes from? It comes from Hyatt! He worked in Chicago at one time and apparently his division was on the south side of Chicago and that part of the South side was called "The Black Belt" you can find this information on page 39 in book {1}. In his own words "My district adjoined the so-called black belt on the south side; in fact some of the blacks spilled over into my district". So that solves one mystery for me; folks seem to be screaming and writing about “Black Belt Hoodoo” now I understand where that came from like most of the information that seems to be out there on the web it came from one source Hyatt! 

Some folks had a problem with me say-n that Hyatt paid for the information he was given in his own words he says the police in NOLA came to see him because it had gotten back to them that he was paying for information on hoodoo. Here’s what he said “An officer just left. The report is around that I was working for the government giving away money for hoodoo business. So we had a talk for about 15 or 20 minutes and he just said he would go down and clean out the crowd for me. There are about 50 people downstairs”. Now on to our candle burning.

Candle Burning

I picked the candle burning section next because that is the first section in the book and it’s a large section so it may take me a while to compile the information shared within this large book. I’ve decided that I want to put some of the good and some of the not so good information up on the website. I leave it to the reader to work with the information that they choose to work with my point is to show that not all this information in this book is safe. Like I said earlier I don’t like being called out like I’m a child.