Old Style Conjure

                                                 Conjure From South of the Mason Dixie Line

                                                               CONJURE JARS

Container spells are made for many different spiritual conditions. The jars or containers may have herbs, roots, honey, curios, conjure oils and other things that go along with the spell. All of the jar spells will have a petition and personal concerns in them. These conjure spell jars are made in the hoodoo or rootwork tradition. Here are some of the different jar spells I offer the Honey Jar Spell, a Hotfoot Jar Spell and a jar spell that is used to Sour an Enemy. What you get for your money. I will put your jar spell together especially for you and I will place the jar on my altar space and work the jar for seven days. During this time, I will burn a dressed candle on top of your spell jar daily. Prayers and Petitions will be said over the jar {3} times a day. The candle will be dressed with conjure oil or what some call anointing oil. The candle will then be rolled in a light mixture of powdered herbs. When the seven days are up I will mail the jar to you with instructions on how to work the spell. If you just want me to put the jar together for you then please let me know. These are made to order as each is unique, to both the client and their purpose.


The Sweetening Jar Spell is made to sweeten someone towards you, for almost any purpose, be it money, job, love, court work, anywhere you need someone to be sympathetic to you, like you, and work with or help you. Can be used to sweeten yourself to money in general. If to be focused on an individual the name is required for this conjure.


Momma Starr is offering her special conjure medicine bottle. These Medicine bottles are packed with power. They are worked for {21} days. The work includes prayer {3} times a day for the {21} days in the clients name. This is one of Momma's best sellers for her "In House Clients". She has now decided to offer this gem to her on-line clients as well.


The Hotfoot Jar Spell is employed when you want to drive or send someone away.The name of the intended is required to empower this powerful conjure to your purpose.Move them out fast, and keep them out of your life!


This jar spell is used when you want to sour someone who has done you wrong.T urn everything against them, make their lives a misery. Give them something to focus on besides you. The name of the individual is required for this conjure. THIS IS A DRY INGREDIENT JAR DUE TO MAIL REGULATIONS.


At the request of some of my clients I am offering to make Prosperity Conjure Jars. These jars will be painted gold and filled root, curios, and herbs that draw Prosperity to you. You will need to send your petition and a photo of yourself to be placed in your jar.


These little spell jars are filled with herbs, roots, and curios to draw the one you love to you. If you have a loved one you need to draw closer to you, or you need to bring a loved one back. This little spell jar is filled with items that are alleged to help you achieve your goal.


There are times when you need a few extra tricks to help reach a goal. If you have a situation that a regular conjure jar just can't handle then order Momma Starr's Triple Action Jar. This jar is put together and worked for 21 days by Momma Starr then it can be either mailed out to you.