OLD STYLE CONJURE The Crossroads Spirit


 The Crossroads Spirit

196  I'll start writing about the crossroads or the fork of the road spirit. This informant says that you can go and dig a hole in the crossroads and that they put certain things in that whole you could put cayenne pepper sulfur and garlic and then you cover it up real quick. It doesn't say what it's for but I'm guessing know this is just me reading the recipe cayenne pepper protects it also heats up, sulfur is well known to really be the only ingredient that I've ever heard of that can keep a spirit a way, then of course everybody knows that garlic cleanses and protects. Now this informant goes on to say that you can take some "wicked graveyard dirt" from the grave of the wicked person and bury it in the crossroads that's to cross someone up.

197 this informant talks about a friend of hers whose husband left her. She goes with her friend to what worker who puts together a dollie made of black cloth, the worker tells the client to get her a new needle and a new pin. The worker puts the Dollie together and tells the client to put the doll over her front door she also gives the instructions for the pin and the needle to be stuck where the dolls eyes would be. This is what will hold the dollie over the front door. This informant goes on to say that she was in the house and she saw it for herself.

The informant then tells how the worker told the client to write a letter and to dress the letter the worker also gave the instructions to use her fingernail and go down the letter with it. This was done to make him start right and back.

The informant goes on to say that the old worker instructed the client to bring her a dime the next time she came. The worker took the time and wrapped it up in a handkerchief she gave the instructions for the client to take the handkerchief to the crossroads where the roads are cross the and to throw it to the left. She threw it over her right shoulder and said something three times but the informant couldn't hear what she was saying. When asked why the client through the packet in the crossroads the informant said it was to pay the evil spirits to do the work.

The worker gave further instructions to the client about the Dollie. The worker told the client that when the Dollie fell off the wall her husband would be back. From what the informant says the man came back and he treated his wife better than he ever had before.

198 this informant tells the story that someone told her about crossing someone up using a key taken from their home. The informant says that you can take and write a person's name on a piece of paper five times then you sprinkle the paper with some cayenne pepper and some ice cream salt that you have pulverized, the informant says not to use the fine table salt. You take this name paper with the names on the and you roll it up while you're just cussing your target out. There are no instructions on which way you are supposed to roll the paper. I would think you would roll it away from you but I've been doing this work a very long time. I wonder if new folks to this work would know what to do? You buried this at the crossroads and as the key rust the target will be gotten rid of.

Apparently the informant was made to believe that this work would cause someone to die. The most that I can see that this work would do is to close someone's roads very slowly. I don't think that this would be of fast acting work due to the fact that the key rusting is what makes the work a success. It could take years for key to rust that bad now days.

 The more I'm reading the more I'm seeing that most of this information is given by folks who either heard about it or was told by someone else how the work was done. Some of these folks have never even been to a worker this is just things that they have heard other folks talk about.

199 this informant gives the work for protection. The informant says that you take a brand-new white handkerchief to the crossroads and you pick up nine grains of sand while petitioning for protection. You tie the sand of in the handkerchief and take it home, you did this for 9 night. This will stop anyone who is bothering you.

333 the informant says to go to the crossroads {9} Sunday mornings before Sunrise to learn a special gift. First the devil will send a red rooster, then something shaped like a bear then he will come himself. He takes a hold of your hands and tells you t go out into the world and do anything you want to do. "really"?