As we know this a death spell is very dangerous. To all the teachers out there; please be careful what information you teach. We as teachers are just as responsible for the actions of our students as the students are; why they wouldn't have this type of information if it hadn't
been taught to them!

The first thing about this work I noticed when I opened it was; the work was not even put together right (thank God). This worker should have never tried this type of spell! Just by looking at the work I knew she didn't know what she was doing. I'm not going to tell you how
to put this type of work together, but I am going to tell you how this became such a mess.

First and foremost this worker should have never been taught about this type of spell, if this statement pisses some people off well all I can say is get the hell over it and yourself! I'm the one who had a death spell sent to me! Even though the worker was not at fault here. I'm still
fuming over this and I know it will take me a long while to get over this.

The second thing is this worker has been under a lot of stress and has had a plate full. You should NEVER do any type of work if your spirit is not in top form. If you are not in control of your own self you damn sure can't control a spirit you know nothing about! She should have never tried to do this spell with a spirit she knew nothing about or as I said at all!

Now about this death spell, first off it was placed in a cardboard mailing box, that in its self would have let the work out. It should have been placed in a wooden box and nailed down with coffin nails to hold it in the box; or mirrors. The material that this work was wrapped in was just wrapped around the work and laid in the cardboard box. This packet should have been sown shut. While focusing on the person the work was meant for.
The work was placed in a large mason jar then the jar was busted and collected and placed in the cloth; all this did was let the spirit out.

The dollie that was placed in the work was just a plain store bought dollie, it had no petition paper, no photo, no name paper or any personal concerns that belong to the person the work was meant for. There was no link there to the person the work was being done on. She did name and bless the dollie but that was not enough.

This whole spell was a disaster waiting to happen. The spell didn't have any affect on me but it hit everyone else around me.