This lamp does a few things, and I’ll be truthful I started not to place it on my website. Then I decided that the person who reads this will decide if they choose to use this lamp or not. I call this a domination lamp but it also controls the person it is being worked on; along with a little confusion. Dirt Dauber nest is used to control, dominate, and confuse a person. A pinch of red pepper will also confuse a person, but I add it to this lamp to give the lamp a little heat. Take my advice when I say a pinch I mean just a pinch.

Master Root is used just as the name implies so you will be the master. High John conquers all things that stand in your way. Calamus root dominates, controls and defeats a person’s will. You need to get the person’s sock who you will be working on. Remove a small piece of the heel of the sock, it needs to be a dirty sock. Make a small dollie out of the cloth from the heel of the sock and place a few pieces of calamus root in the head of the poppet. You will name the dollie; you need to know the persons birth name for this. Write out your name paper; for this you will write the person’s name inside of a circle nine times. Then you will turn the circle and place your birth name across their name nine times.

Once you have everything ready make a bed of the herbs inside the lamp then place the name paper and the dollie on top of the herbs; Using the rest of the herbs cover the dollie with them. Now pour your oil into the lamp slowly so you want disturb the bed. If this lamp is being used on someone you love add a little Lovage and a little powdered sugar to the herbs. This will sweeten up the person. Not everyone who uses this type of work does so just to dominate another person. Sometimes this type of work is the only solution they have. Like my mama use to tell us; “You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors”. In some cases leaving and moving on may not be an option. So people do what they have to do. Say your prayers and then light the lamp. Work the lamp daily for at least the first five days; then once a week after that.

I like working with oil lamps because you can load them with your petition, herbs, roots, personal concerns, and anything else you need to add to the conjure lamp. Unlike candles or vigils these lamp aren't near as likely to catch on fire, as an over loaded candle will. These lamps can be worked for any condition, from love, healing, prosperity, money drawing and so on.