Growing up dusting powders were a big part of our life; they still are. These powders are made from a base powder then powdered herbs and roots are added to the base; because I'm a old style conjure woman I place my new powders in a candle set up and pray over them before they are ever put to work. When I was growing up every time my Mama changed our bed sheets she laid dusting powder down on the clean sheets. I still do this as do my children. My Mama used a base of talc powder; which to this day I can’t stand;I don't like anything with talc in it. Now days you don’t find much information about dusting powders; I think this is because folks really don’t know how to work with them; but if you grew up in a home where what folks call conjure was engrained in your daily life then I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Working with powders is as old as conjure, hoodoo, or rootwork. Dusting powder can be worked with in many ways. You can burn photos and petition’s to ash then lay the trick down. It can be dusted on the sheets or in the targets shoes. My Mama kept fresh powder in our shoe’s she claimed it was to keep our feet cool; I know better now. She would dust my dad’s underwear; to keep him from sweating so much; yea ok once again I know better now. Dusting powders are not only easy to work with they are easy to conceal. Because powders are mixed with herbs, they can also be mixed with dirt’s and ashes.

Dusting Powders can be added to mojo bags, conjure jars, medicine bottle and many other works. You can dust the stoop, the drive way, under door mat, and many other places where it can be concealed. The only limit to working with dusting powders are the ones you set for yourself.