Times have changed and the way we live has changed. In the old days most yards and roads were dirt; this made it really easy for folks to pick up the tracks of another person.

If you are from the South then you know that the old folks swept their yards every day; they also washed the front and back stoop at least once a week. My Grandma "may God bless her soul" use to drive me crazy with the yard sweeping. That was my job. I can close my eyes and see that old house and dirt yard still today. Some things you never forget. You didn't just sweep her yard any way you wanted too; you had to start at the back of the yard and sweep to the front of the yard. Then everything was swept into the ditch; in the same place every time.

My Grandma would set the pile on fire. In the afternoons before the chickens went to roost she would let them out of the coop for a while. We had to watch them and make sure they didn't go off in the woods. When it was time for them to go back in the coop my Grandma would call them and here they would come running.

To be honest at 13 or 14 years old the last thing I cared about was if the yard was clean or if the chickens were safe. I always thought "I spent all this time sweeping the yard and here the chickens are pecking and scratching it up again". One day I asked my Grandma about sweeping the yard; “she told me it was to keep the yard clean and to keep the dust out". Now in my mind that didn't make one bit of sense to me. When I ask more questions she told me to mind my business and do what I was told to do. Today I understand why it was so important to sweep the yard and let the chickens roam around. What my Grandma called dust was conjure powders. Also my Grandma dipped snuff so she was always spitting in the yard; if someone would have gotten that dirt they could have really crossed her up.

Today everything is concrete or grass; so how in the world do you collect someone’s foot tracks? This type of conjure is becoming lost. Some say that you need to collect the dust from heel to toe or from toe to heel; well in the days gone by that was easy to do. Today it is more difficult to collect dirt this way unless the person walks in dirt. Times change and sometimes the work has to be adjusted a bit to fit the times. You can still collect a foot track today. If you have access to their shoes then take a damped handkerchief and wipe the bottom of the shoe off; to bring them to you wipe from toe to heel; to remove them wipe from heel to toe. Let the handkerchief dry and use it in your work. You can also sweep up behind them, in the house, on the side walk, or anywhere else they may walk if you can get to it. If it is an enemy then you can get their foot track the same way you did off the shoes, wipe up behind them with a napkin. I've done this before in the store before. There is always more ways to skin a Cat than one; sometimes you just have to adjust the work.

Just remember you have to get the foot track while it is fresh, before anyone else walks over it; also call the person’s name as you pick up the foot track. The work is the same the only difference is that you adjusted the way you collected the foot track. In the end you accomplished your goal and the work can be a success. Follow the links below to a few foot track spells.


There are times when we need to move someone away from us. This simple hot foot spell will aid you in this. You need a copy of Psalm 102, on each verse write the person’s name going upward. Collect the person’s foot track that you are sending away. Mix the foot track with red pepper and sulfur. Place the mixture in the middle of Psalm 102 and fold the paper into a small packet; folding away from you. Wrap the packet in black thread, also going away from you. Dress the top of the packet. Call the person’s name and state your petition, repeat this three times then let the tea light burn out. Do this for three days; on the fourth day take the packet and the tea light cups to the river.

Make sure that the water you throw the packet in is running water. Don't throw the packet in the ocean, or in water that is just sitting there. You want the packet to move away from you. When you get to the river, call the person’s name and state your petition three times. Then throw the packet in the river. When you get home make sure you clean up your work space and take a cleansing bath.