Herb's and Roots  

Blood Root

Page 18- A Native American tells Hyatt about blood root I'm going to share this story with you I think this is a wonderful story. This informant tells Hyatt that the blood root can stop bleeding within a few minutes if you make a tea out of. But what I think is a wonderful story is how he tells how the blood root came to be. He says that the roundness of the blood root came from the blood of Christ when he was hung on the cross. The story goes that when the soldier was driving the nails in Christ that he got blood all over his hands; when he was finished he just reached down and wiped his hands on the grass at the bottom of the cross. That the informant tells us is how blood root came to be. He also goes on to say that blood root can be used for any illnesses concerning the blood. This is a very interesting I was taught that blood root can be worked with when you are dealing with your blood can although the informant says that some of the hoodoo's work with it in different ways but that this is the way he was taught.