Honey Jar Conjure

Above you see a honey jar work that I am working on for a client. The purpose of this job is to draw a person to my client and for my client to be the dominating partner. As you can see I have the honey jar sitting inside of a triangle of candles. The triangle adds power to the work and it also holds the energy of the work.

The first candle at the top is a come to me candle, The left one as you can see is a domination candle, the right one that finishes the triangle is a success candle. In the center is the honey jar, with a large purple candle on top of the jar.

The seven day candles burn continuously, while the purple candle on top of the jar is burned daily when the hands of the clock are moving upward. I have placed this work with Saint Expedite because I want results in a hurry. The whole reason we do sweetening work is to draw someone or something to us. So it would make sense for us to add something to the honey jar that will draw. I personally like to use a lodestone that I have named for the purpose of the jar and pyrite. In a pinch I have used a large magnet.

Your petition and personal concern should also go into the jar. I also add a Mercury Dime to the jar, this dime works two fold; it works for protection and it also draws luck. The next thing that almost always goes into my jars is High John root; this root removes all obstacles out of your way so your work can be a success.

As for the roots and herbs I use; I pretty much stick with the same herbs and roots because they continue to work for me over and over again. I also always add my brand of Pay Me oil to all of the works I do dealing with bringing money to me or my clients. I do this because I want that money brought to me.

If a jar doesn't work the first time revise it and try again. I have also found that Psalm 23 works wonders when you are doing a honey jar for your finances.

Some folks only burn candles on top of their honey jars on certain days, I was taught to burn the candle on top of the jar starting on Thursday if it was dealing with money; Then to burn every day on the jar when the hand of the clock is moving upward. Let the candle burn for thirty minutes then put it out until the next day

Different workers, work things a little differently; no two workers work alike unless it is a teacher and her students. This is because they are learning from her and will work the way she does. Once they learn the basics they will learn their own way of working.