OLD STYLE CONJURE Honoring Our Ancestors






Please remember to always treat them with respect. Keep your altar clean and if you really don’t have time once a week for a small service to them then wait until you do have the time. You can give them a small candle or a vigil, some smoke and a cool glass of water. If you have graveyard dirt from their graves a small amount can be placed on their altar. They should be given special treat at least once a month; this can be something that they really loved in life. If they had a special flower, fruit, cake, perfumes, or maybe a favorite song, try to share these things with them.

Don’t just go to them when you need something, after a while they will began to feel used. Wouldn’t you? ; If someone called only when they needed something from you. Show them the same respect you want for yourself!

Honoring the Ancestors

What you do is approach the altar, knock three times, call on the ancestors and tell them who you are. You then tell them why you have come (to honor them). Then you pick up your glass and add water to it, hold the glass to your heart, head then up above your head, say something
like I offer you this water to quench your thirst. Do the same thing with the whiskey, candle, the cigar and a piece of bread. Talk a bit out of the bread and say “I share this meal with you my beloved ancestors”. Talk to them for a while, tell them how you miss them, and have not
forgotten them. Ask your ancestors for their blessing in your daily life ask them to help you have good health, love, and prosperity. Then light a white candle for them dressed with blessing oil. You then say a prayer for them.

Into your hands, O Lord,
we humbly entrust our brothers and sisters.
In this life you embraced them with your tender love;
deliver them now from every evil
and bid them enter eternal rest.
The old order has passed away:
welcome them then into paradise,
where there will be no sorrow, now weeping nor pain,
but the fullness of peace and joy
with your Son and the Holy Spirit
for ever and ever.

When you are finished clap your hands and tell them to go in peace, thank them for coming to you when you called on them.

The service above is just the basic service; you can add too it and put your personal touch on it. The main thing is to honor your ancestors at least once a week. Below is a prayer you can use, if you would like too.Working with Spirits

The first thing I think we need to discuss is working with a spirit. You need to understand this before you try to work with any spirits. It is important for us to remember that the way the person lived his live, is the same way the spirit will be. So if someone in life was mean and vile,
then their spirit will be mean and vile in death. Just because someone has passed on doesn’t mean they have changed. The spirit is full of power, a very strong entity; you should always show respect to the spirit.

We as a people tend to only remember the good things people have done in their lives, once the have passed on; but when you are working with a spirit it is very important that you remember the whole picture. It is not really that hard to understand, use your common sense
when you choose a spirit to work with. Ask your self some basic questions; how did this person live in life, were they honorable, (this is very important because you don’t want to work with a trickster), did they have a strong will, or were the weak of mind with no backbone. Loyalty is
very important, just as if you were choosing someone as a friend. They will become very close to you.

You should always be on your guard when you are working with any kind of spirit. There are some who will try to trick you and lie to you. I personally prefer to work with spirits I know, like my spiritual protector, my ancestors, BlackHawk, and the Saints. I have found them to be
very safe. I was taught that before you do any type of spiritual work that you first called on your spiritual guide, spiritual protector, and your ancestors for your protection when dealing with spirits.




 Ancestor Altar