Fire has always been a part of spiritual work from time the first people discovered it. Whether through candle lights, lamps, or an actual fire folks and spiritual workers alike recognized the power of fire and what you can do with it. Working with candles or what some old workers call lights or vigils is very old in Conjure work but what is even older is the oil lamp. Oil lamps date back to the time of Christ.

Wax is like a magnet and will hold your prayers so;the first thing you need to know about working with candles is calling the spirit into the work by praying, loading your candle the right way, fixing your work, and waking up your candle so you can put it to work. You can add lodestones, magnets, roots, herbs, pyrite, petitions and so on. Before you do any type candle work you need to give yourself a good cleansing. If you want to learn in detail how to cleanse and uncross yourself and others order my Old Style Spiritual Cleansing Book in the Old Style Conjure on-line shop. One quick way to cleanse is by brushing yourself down.

Here's a basic list of candle colors that you can work with in Conjure:


*Red-love, passion, attraction

*Yellow-good luck


*Black-uncrossing, reversal, and protection


* Although a lot of workers do candle burning with pink and yellow I do not use these colors because in my experience they are both to light, airy and weak for the job. However you must do what you feel is right.

Now you know what colors to use you need to know what ingredients you can work with to load your candles. You can use this list of herbs to guide you in candle burning conjure:

Patchouli-all purpose, power, and success

Lodestone-draws what you want and pulls negative conditions off you

Magnet-pulls stronger than a loadstone

Magnetic Sand-used to feed your lodestone; it also draws good luck

Calamus root-gives your work power

Pyrite-draws success and good luck

Five finger grass-success in all things

Master of the Woods-power and protection

Sugar-to sweeten

Cinnamon-to heat the work and money