Those of you who really know me know that I am as closed minded as a clam when it comes to Rootwork. I admit it! I've heard this subject talked about upside down, cross ways, sideways, back and forth but one FACT remains the same, if you remove
the Bible, God, and the Psalm from Rootwork then you are NOT doing Hoodoo. I don't care who you are, what you are, or where you come from! I am sick to death of folks just mis matching Conjure to suit them. There's a whole lot more to Hoodoo than, lighting a bunch of candle, making some conjure oil or powders and working with a bunch of roots and herbs. Hoodoo comes from families and is handed down through families. Harry M Hyatt is the one that put conjure out into the world. Now every body does the HOODOO! Conjure workers don't cast spells, or do spell work, they work with their Bible.

Conjure started in the South so I will point you in that directions, go there find you some old folks and start talking about all these different Gods and Goddesses. You might just get run off at the end of a shot gun. Most old folks from the South are
Christians, it is their Knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. I don't understand why it is necessary to change something that has been around for a hundred years! If you can't work with it the way it is then leave it the hell alone. I don't mean to be rude; I am just sick to death of it! People are adding this God and that God to the work and calling it Conjure work. Let me tell you right now that is NOT Conjure work!

This whole rant started, because a young women who is half my age wanted me to teach her. She came to my shop today. When she called she lead me to believe that she had been doing Rootwork for a few years; but she had never had any hands on
training. I was excited until I asked her how she empowered her vigils. Let me tell you it went down hill from there. She proceeded to tell me that she calls on the Goddess Isis to empower her vigils and her Conjure bags for love. I don't know anything about the Goddess Isis, and God knows I mean no disrespect; but she has no place in Conjure work. Nor do any other Gods or Goddesses except GOD THE FATHER OF HEAVEN!

Trust me when I tell you it just gets worse; I asked her if she works with the Bible in her Conjure work. Here I quote her "No the Bible and Christians leave a sour taste in my mouth". I didn't even try to explain to her that the Bible holds more power than
she realized as I have others who have made similar statements. I just let her talk. When she finished I told her I could not teach her. She wanted to know why? So I told her, first off I have the right to refuse to share my knowledge with anyone I choose not too share it with. Second she had just told me one of the most important parts of my work leave a sour taste in her mouth. Yes I have a shop and yes I sell my work and yes I make money from my Conjure work; but Rootwork is my life. Until last year (2009) you didn't find me unless you knew one of my clients. This is the first time I have ever advertised my work; it ain't all about the money with me. I think that is one of the biggest problems today is that Hoodoo sells; so everyone wants a piece
of it.

I don't begrudge anyone from making money, we need it to live; but if you are going to call yourself a Rootworker then be a Rootworker! To use ole girls words DON"T SOUR THE WORK! Find something else that you don't need to change; in the long run
you will be better off and so will Conjure.

Before you decide to jump into Conjure work ask yourself a few questions.

1.) Do I truly understand what Rootwork, Hoodoo, Conjure really is?

2.) Can I do the work and leave it PURE as it is meant to be?

3.) Do I even know about the folks who suffered and brought Conjure here?

4.) Do You understand that Conjure, Rootwork, Hoodoo does NOT belong to White
America? Before you say well Starr your white; let me tell you something.

My mama worked in the fields right along with Black folks, so did the rest of her family. When my Mama was growing up they lived in a house that the farmer they worked for owned. I wouldn't have let my dog "Queen Elizabeth" live in that house.
They got paid just like the Black folks, a shack to live in, food, and a little money when the crops came in. My Mama suffered right a long with the other folks and she gained a knowledge that MONEY can't buy! Through my Ancestors suffering I have gained the right to call Hoodoo Conjure Rootwork my own. It is my heritage and I don't want to see it Muddied.

In order to understand the work you have to understand the people. The South is a whole different world. When I went home in November(2009) to bury my sister it was like a time warp. Everything had changed but it was really still the same. Only
Southerners will understand what I mean. My point is if you can't work Conjure the way it has always been worked then please leave it alone. Find yourself something else that you don't need to change.

I hope I haven't stepped on any ones toes here; but if I have that was not my intentions. Momma Starr