This was the very first book I self-published many years ago. I did a crossroads work in order to write where folks could understand what I was trying to teach within the pages of this book. I think the work was a success!


Hoodoo Money Conjure is a how to book, honest to God hands on working book, step by step guide on how to get started and how to do the work. This book is 90 pages long and summarizes over 30 years of experience in money conjuring. It includes topics like: Learning to look at money differently, cleansing, and getting started. Money altars, herbs and other helpers, working with prayers, psalms, and Saints. Petitioning, victory prayers, business mojos, financial mojos, finding jobs, bank tricks, money plants, offerings. Working with lode stones and magnetic sand, dressing money, creating hoodoo tools, lamps, cleansings, pendulum use, waking up the lucky hand, crown of success. Lucky sand pots for money and protection, the fabled Rose of Jericho, money conjure bottles, lucky 13 mojos and conjure bottles, crossroads conjures, money drawing incenses, baths and soaps, washes, oils and much more.

There is something for people of all levels of Hoodoo experience in this compact but powerful book, do not wait, get yours today!


Excerpt from {Hoodoo Money Book} ┬ęStarr

Bank Tricks We have all seen spells that call for you to get dirt from a bank, or write out a deposit slip or check for the amount of money you need. What about those envelopes most of you throw away. Those envelopes have been sitting in that bank picking up all that energy; not only that but the tellers who handle money all day touch them. Then when you cash a check they stuff your money in them. Can you imagine all the energy those things have picked up. I never throw them away. I bring them home and burn them, then add the ashes to my powders, oils, and sometimes to my candles. Every so often I will leave a dollar bill in one and burn it along with the envelope. This sends the message, I am prosperous; I have money to burn. I have much better results with this than I have by getting dirt outside of the bank. Here's another little trick for you.

How about the dust and dirt that is inside of the bank? This is much stronger than the dirt outside of the bank. Are you wondering how in the world to get this dirt? Well this is how you get it: Go to the bank in the afternoon to tend to your business. Have a small hankie or white paper towel in your hand; when you are at the teller booth, drop it. Then when you bend down to pick it up, swipe the floor with it. Then while you're standing there waiting just lay it on the counter in front of you. When you have finished your business, just swipe it over the counter as you are walking away. Bring it home write your name on it with gold pen and burn it. Use the ashes in your work.