For this money drawing work you need a large green stick candle, a nail to mark the candle with, some conjure oil to dress the candle, some hoodoo powders mixed with some powdered sugar to roll the candle in. Make sure you clean your candle before you begin to work with it. I always pass my stick candles under cool running water, and then let them dry. I will do this a few days before I do the work; unless it is a job that needs to be done immediately then I just wipe them off with a damp rag. I clean the bowl I will be using the same way. 

Now let’s get to the conjure work. I always gather and fix my work the day before I am going to do the work if possible. The day before you start this conjure work you need to mark and dress your candle. To your bowl you need to add dirt from the side walk coming into your home, also dirt from each side of your door stoop. Mix this together with the Roots and herbs you choose to use in this work, the lodestone grit, the powdered sugar, hoodoo powders and your personal concerns. Mix all these things together in your bowl, and then place your candle in the center of the bowl.

Take your whiskey and add a little to the bowl. At a quarter till six am, right before you light your candle say “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”, then light the candle and proceed to say your prayers and petition. Let the candle burn until six am then snuff it out. At noon and at five forty five pm repeat the process. If you try this you will see a big difference in your money work.Once the candle burns out you can feed your bowl once a week with a little conjure oil, whiskey or hoodoo powders, then burn another candle or vigil in the bowl to keep the money bowl hot and working.

Things you need

Large green stick candle

A nail

Conjure oil

A bowl

Personal concerns

Lodestone grit

Herbs & roots


Powdered sugar

Hoodoo Powders