I have found that when it comes to removing something everyone knows what to do; but when it comes to bring something to them they are not sure. Anytime you take a spiritual bath or do a spiritual cleansing you need to replace what you removed. I recommend using conjure dressing oil, some ole folks still use "Dusting Powder" to dust their feet and body after a cleansing. You should always keep your feet dressed with either hoodoo dusting powder or conjure oil; after all our feet are one of the most important parts of our bodies; because they carry us where ever we need to go. I think most folk neglect their feet because they have not been taught how important it is to keep them dressed. All traditional rootworkers know that it is very important to keep those feet dressed.

Once you have finished your bath pat yourself dry then start at the bottom of your feet; bring the dressing oil from your toes to your heel, then move up your legs. Continue upward on your body. When you dress your hands, dress the palms upward first then dress the back of your hands up your arms. Then of course you dress your neck and your head. I was taught that it is important to dress the crown of your head every time you dress your body.

Another thing I have found is that folks today don't clean and dress their shoes like the older folks did. You should make it a habit of wiping the bottom of your shoes off with ammonia water daily and dressing the bottoms of your shoe. You don't know what kind of conjure trick has been laid down for you. It is always better to be safe.