OLD STYLE CONJURE Insight Given in Visions


 Insight Given in Visions


57 this informant is going to share their vision. You take a pitcher of water and some pennies; set it on the East corner of your house then every day you go and drop some pennies in the pitcher. You say something good over it just like a Bible verse or something. You say whatever comes to you make sure you write it down so you can remember. You can say different things at different times depending on what you need. This is called planting pennies. The informant has been ask how long do you keep doing this and they say however long you want success. They also say try not to take the pennies out of the pitcher until you get ready to plant some more. I take this to mean when you have been blessed by your petition then you can start over with a new petition. This is similar to the work I was taught in my early 20s by working with a can.

61 this informant is going to share information on how to protect yourself from a root doctor. The informant says that spirit gave him this recipe after he had been hurt. The recipe is get some saltpeter and a Bluestone and you take those two things don't put all of it together though you just need a pinch of each. The informant explains that you take a little pinch of each on the end of a knife as you're picking it up you say in the name of the Father name of the Son, name of the Holy Ghost. You say this each time you take a pinch. Now I am assuming that this informant means for you to digest these two ingredients both of which are poisonous. This was done to be protected from a root worker. I would advise that no one will ever take these ingredients internally. This is one of the reasons that I have a big problem with some of this information in these books. This is of very dangerous recipe.

Now the informant gives another recipe for a conjure hand. This looks like a pretty good recipe is also for protection. You follow the same instructions as the recipe above and on each pinch of an ingredient you say in the name of the Father, name of the Son, name of the Holy Ghost. You need a pinch of saltpeter, of pinch of Bluestone, three pinches of sulfur of pinch of table salt and a pinch of sugar. Then you break the heads off of three matches and place it on your material. As you lay each ingredient down you call on the Trinity. Then you so up your conjure hand. This is supposed to protect you from all conjure workers.

Okay I'm moving forward in the book because some of this stuff just does not make sense to me and I'm not going to put it on my site and take the chance that someone might try to do the work. Every once in a while I'll add something just to prove my point that all things in this book are not safe; you have to know the difference between what is a good work and what isn't. These books have worried me for long time, because I know what can happen if you do work that you don't know what you're doing; but I would have never said anything if I hadn't been called out by my name on the Facebook group. I refuse to sit by and be attacked by anyone without defending myself. I would never insult the ancestors that came before me; maybe I didn't explain myself well enough in one of my books. So once again let me make this very very clear; not all of these works are safe and not all of these works were given by professional root workers. A lot of these works were given second hand, third hand, forth hand or maybe just something someone might have heard.