Floor Washes and bathes are used to cleanse the body, home or business of unwanted energies or to bring something to you or maybe to cause an action. It all depends on what you need. They can be put in the bath or sprinkled around an area to achieve the affect you want. I make my washes and bathes with spring water. To me it makes better washes and bathes. Once you decide what you will use the wash or bath for, you will need to gather your supplies. Make sure all your supplies needed in making the washes and bathes are cleansed and blessed. Once I get everything together I pray over it all asking God to lend his energies and make the work strong. You do what works best for you.

Now I don't place my herbs in the metal pot (this is just me); I use the pot as a double boiler. I put my herbs and water in a large mason jar close the lid on the jar lightly. Then set the jar in the pot of boiling water. Once the jar of herbs and water get hot I turn my fire down and let it simmer for a while. Then I turn the fire off and let the jar cool; once it is cooled I place it on my altar over night and again call on the higher powers to infuse the water with the power that it needs to be successful. I may even light a candle and some incense, just depends on the work at hand. The next day I strain the herbs out and add new working herbs. I also add my color to the wash and whatever else is needed. If I am drawing something to me I leave a small piece of lodestone and pyrite in the jar. Some people use magnetic sand, for me the lodestone and pyrite works better.

If I were making a blessing wash or bath I would add holy herbs, holy water and a small cross in the wash. I also add personal items to my washes or bathes depending on the work I am doing. When I first started making my washes and bathes it was trial and error; I made my own recipes. If a recipe didn’t work then I changed it up and tried again. I would work on it until I got the results I wanted. I use a lot of red pepper, garlic, salt, black pepper, Mrs. Stewart’s bluing, NOT blue balls those are very toxic, saltpeter(also can be found at the drug store), ammonia, Murphy oil soap is a good soap base to use for floor washes. Use things
you have around the house. To make your washes last longer you can add a drop or two of benzoin. I found it at a drug store.

Just remember if you are making a banish wash you don't want to add sweet herbs such as chamomile, lavender, jasmine, rose. The reason I say this is because I have seen some banishing recipes that have some of these herbs added to them. I thought at the time what are you going to banish them with a kiss. Get yourself a good herbal and use your common sense. To learn anything you have to work at it, if it doesn't work the first time then try again until you find what works for you. You will find that something’s will work better for you than they do for others; and vise a versa. Now that we know how to make the wash and bath’s what do we do with them.

Let me say this first a wash or a bath are the same thing; the only difference is one you use on your floors and the other you use on your body. The same ingredients are used for both. Always remember if you are trying to cleanse yourself you need
to start with a bitter bath. Use the bitter bath for nine nights. Then you will come back and use a sweet bath, because you need to replace the energies you removed from your body. If you don’t fill the void the bitter bath left then you are leaving yourself open to negative energies. When you decide you need a good cleansing you will bathe as usual; then you will pour the bath over your head. Try to let it air dry and if you can’t then just pat your body dry. Don’t rub yourself dry.

Always make sure the bath gets on the top of your head, the base of your skull, your arm pits, palms of your hands, the bottom of your feet and between your shoulders, these are the places that the energy likes to nest. When I start a bitter bath I usually place an egg in a glass of water and put it under my bed for the nine days I am doing the bath. One the tenth day I take the egg and throw it in a crossroad. This is like a double cleansing because the egg will draw negative energy away from the body also. I try to do a cleansing at least every three months. I have found by doing this I don’t have as many problems. I had planned on stopping here and moving on to the sweet bath, but I have decided to tell you my other secret to a good cleansing.

Once you have your bath ready, before you get in the shower take a white seven day jar candle or an uncrossing candle and rub your body down with the candle; starting at the top of your head to the bottom of your feet in a downward motion; then from the crown of your head down. I know it’s hard to do the back but just do the best you can. While you are doing this say either the Our Father or the Apostle Creed. Once you have done this light your candle; then take your bath. When you are finished you can move your candle to your altar. The candle want last for the nine days so right before it goes out you need to light another one following the same steps.

For my bitter bath I use a cup of strong black coffee, a cap of ammonia, and a tablespoon of salt. I mix this into a glass of warm water. Only use a cap full of ammonia, because if you use more it will strip away the good along with the bad. We have finished our nine bitter bathes, so now it is time to sweeten ourselves. I do this a little different than the bitter bath; instead of making this bath daily I make it a gallon at the time. This bath is twofold; I not only use it to sweeten but also to draw.