My family comes from South Carolina; I never heard the word Hoodoo until I got on the internet. The only reason I am using it now is because it gets your website into the search engines. I'm a traditional Conjure worker plain and simple. Traditional conjure workers don't usually work with the saints. I didn't know anything about the Catholic Church until we moved out of South Carolina. I became a Catholic after I left home much to my mama's dismay. I was raised a Christian. I know Catholic's are Christians too but my family didn't look at them as such because of the saints and the whole ritual in mass. When I became a Catholic my mama went so far as to tell me I was going to burn in hell. I'm telling you this so you get the idea.

Traditional Old Style Conjure workers don't work with the saints. That is NOLA style Hoodoo which is different. I work with the saints but I work with them the same way I do the Holy Trinity. I was raised with the laying on of hands to heal. I pray the same way I was taught as a child in Bible school. I work with my Bible just like I was taught. There is a difference in what folks on the internet call Hoodoo and the REAL Traditional Style Conjure. It doesn't matter how you color it most internet workers are not traditional workers. I don't mean to insult anyone I am just stating the facts the way they are.

My mama worked with oil lamps, I never saw her light a candle. For a long time I only burnt white or black stick candles, what most call taper candles. My mama used olive oil, sweet oil or lard to rub on us as children. She used sulfur, ash and other things to dress our heads and feet with. I didn't grow up with all the Hoodoo products that are out there today. I make them and I use my own products but that is not what I was raised on. Folks from the south know the difference between a Traditional worker and one who has learned elsewhere. I hear it all the time. So those who claim to be traditional workers and aren't; well they are not fooling folks from the South. Like me these folks grew up with conjure and know the difference.

You have to understand it is a mindset. It's in the blood; it's in the words we use when we are speaking about the work. We don't perform spells and rituals, we do a job. We work with the Bible and the Trinity. We know to cover our work with the blood of Jesus. We know that an ancestor altar doesn't have a bunch of glasses on it. It has photos of our loved ones who have passed and a Bible. If you are going to claim it then you really need to learn to "walk the walk and talk the talk". Like I said I don't mean to insult anyone but I personally am sick of these so called Hoodoo's. Every body’s teacher is dead, or they can't disclose the information. Give me a break please.