Road Opening Lamp


Here's a simple Oil Lamp that can be kept burning.

A little dirt from the 4 corners of a crossroad's
A large High John root
A large Lodestone
Money drawing oil
Cinnamon Stick
White Mustard seed
A pinch of magnetic sand
A quarter, nickel and a dime you have left hidden at the crossroads for three nights.
Petition paper
Personal Concerns

 Say your prayers, ask that your roads be opened and all blocks be removed from your path. Then place a pinch of each of your ingredients into the lamp, and then fill the lamp with oil. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish with this lamp. See in your minds eye your roads being opened and free of obstacles. If you have to chant; my roads are open and free of obstacles. Everything I need will come to me. Now you can’t just light this lamp and leave it sitting there burning and expect to see strong results. You will have to work the lamp. By this I mean you will need to talk to the lamp and pray to your higher power that your roads be opened and free of obstacles. Conjure takes work and dedication for it to be effective. If you chose to just light the lamp and let it burn without doing anything else you would see some results but they wouldn’t last long. It all depends on what you expect the outcome to be.