OLD STYLE CONJURE Signs of A Crossed Condition


Signs of A Crossed Condition 


I’ve been a professional conjure worker for forty-years now.  I have had many clients over the years come to me who have either taught they were crossed or they have had something out of place. I learned as a very young worker that is you claim it then it is yours; if you continue to claim you are crossed then you will be; because that is the kind of spirits you are drawing to you. I have found that this type of crossed condition is actually worse than if someone rooted you; because the person continues to believe they are crossed and nothing will remove it. Well it want as long as you keep planting that seed!

Then there are those folks who are crossed to the gills and don’t even realize what is going on. They are removing themselves from the folks who support them. They are losing jobs, their lives are going in the shitter, they can’t seem to accomplish anything and they doubt everything and everyone. Loved ones walk away and they just don’t have the energy to fight. This type of crossed condition can be a hard case to deal with until the person see’s what is really going on. Sometimes it takes a while; but once they are clear enough to see what is going on it is easy to clear up.

There is another type I have run across; those who are continuously being hit and they just give up. They will just let everything go because they are tired of the battle. These are the folks you just want to give a good shaking too. These folks are blind to the folks around them; they just can’t see what is going on. Now days with everyone and their brother doing conjure work it’s really not safe to trust just anyone. So let’s look at what some of the symptoms are of a crossed condition. If you have two or more then I’d say do a good set of cleansing.


1.  Are you sleepy all the time; you just can’t seem to stay awake?

2.  Do you have sugar nats in your house or blow flies?

3.  Have you just stopped caring about things that really meant something to you?

4.  Do you have to spend a lot of money on repairs?

5.  Do you feel pressure in the crown of your head or between your shoulder blades?

6. Is there a lot of fighting in the home for no reason?

7.  Do you feel like you want to leave your home; you just can’t stand to be there and you don’t know why?

8.  Are you pushing away business deals that could be prosperous and you just don’t know why?

9.  Has your business gone down?

10.  Are you waking up with your feet burning or choking in your sleep?

11. Being off balance.

12. Panic Attacks.

13. Bloating and swelling

14. Your mouth and tongue burning.

15. A souring taste in your mouth.

16. Hot Headedness for no reason.

There are many more symptoms but this will give you an idea of what is going on. I’ve had some workers tell me that they will let a target rest then start back up on them again. This makes the target think that it was just a fluke; they just had a run of bad luck. Now days more than ever if you are dealing with folks on the internet you better keep your cleansing and protections up. I have never in my life seen Conjure workers act like some folks on the internet do. Now you have a starting list so go through it; if need be start some cleansing work.