OLD STYLE CONJURE Terms of service and disclaimers


 Terms of service and disclaimers provided here.


I make NO claims or guarantees that the conjure work I am providing for you will be successful.


The price you pay for the work covers that job only; this payment does not cover a multitude of different situations. Here's an example, if you hire me for court case work then the only work that will be done will be court case work. The price you pay at the beginning of the work is the only price you will be charged for that work.

If you buy a jar spell off my website, then you are paying just for that jar spell. My only obligation to you is to put the jar spell together and mail the jar spell out to you. I agree to work the jar spell for seven days the before I mail the jar to you.

When you purchase conjure work from me, this excludes products on my website that are for sale, you get a phone call where you can ask any questions you want to about your work that is in progress, and I will answer three of your e-mails that pertain to the work I am doing for you. 

The only services I offer are what is in my store. I do not offer any love, relationship, or marriage work other than the 30 day candle burning service I off in my store.

When you purchase my rootwork services I will do the very best that I can for you. I will work the job you hire me to do to the best of my abilities. I make no claims or guarantees that the work will be a success. Neither I nor any other rootworker can make such a guarantee; we have no control over how spirit works.



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