The ancestors of this work should be honored after God. I have notice that folks tend to never mention them; it’s as if this work just popped into the culture by magic. None of the big wigs of this work ever acknowledge the ancestors but yet they making money off of works that were brought over here on the backs of the ancestors. There would be no work without the ancestors. This work came about out of necessity by a people who had very little else; their knowledge and their pride everything else was taken away from them. Respect is owed to them if you are doing this work I don’t care who you are or where you come from. If you are working and making money off of their knowledge then you should offer them honor, respect and prayers; you owe it to them.

Everyone is like “oh yea I know where this work came from Africa” yes but “how” did it come here? Did the ancestors just hop on a big ship to vacay in America? No they were captured like animals and keep in the hull of large “slave” ships; they were starved and beaten. They had to lay chained among the dead. Then they were put on auction blocks and sold to the highest bidder. They were tortured, maimed, killed, their children taken from them but they had an unbreakable spirit. They fought the only way they could with the knowledge of their ancestors. That is where this work comes from death, destruction, and the blood sweat and tears of the ancestors.

One of my students told me that the modules I teach at the conjure academy bring up all kinds of emotion. Module one and two are all about the ancestors of this work. If you don’t finish one and two you don’t get three and four where the work is. The thing folks don’t understand is that the ancestors of this work is the “foundation” of the work. If you are gonna be a good worker you need a good foundation and that foundation is more than how to put products together and sell them. This work is not witchcraft that is a whole different thing nor is it any other type of modality it is Conjure work which works with the Bible. If you are gonna do this work then honor the ancestors of this work. As you give them blessings they will bless you.