OLD STYLE CONJURE The Greatest Book Ever Written


The Greatest Book Ever Written



I know that some of you who read this will say I don't read the Bible! I am not Christian, I don't believe in the church! I don't want to have anything to do with the Bible! I have heard this and more numerous times from my students and from others. I say; stop right there! Forget about all the rules of the Church; all the man made rules and really look at the Bible for what it is. A work of power! Words hold power, prayer holds power! Forget everything else; but that the words written in this book that we call a

Old Style Conjure is built around this great book and the wisdom it holds. If you remove the Bible from Old Style Conjure work then what you are doing really isn't Conjure work! It then becomes something else. If you can hold the greatest Conjure book ever written in your hands and learn the power from it; why in the world would you let anyone stop you?

I know a lot of folks grit their teeth when they are told Old Style Conjure is built around the Bible, the Saints, the Psalm, and around prayers. Well it is; these things make up conjure work! Without them you AIN'T doing Conjure work; plain and simple. So if you want to be a worker open up this great book and search for the things that are there to help you achieve what you need in life. Just to prove what I'm saying is the truth; I'm
going to add some chapters and verses from this great book that will help your work be a success.

All you have to do is put them to good use. I'm not going to write out the verses for you, get a Bible and read them. Below you will find some of the chapter and verses I depend on in my work.

For Deliverance

2 Samuel 22 V 2-42
Samuel 22 V 5-252
Samuel 22 V 48-512
Kings 19 V 19
Psalm 18 V 3-19
Psalm 71 V 3-5
Proverbs 11 V 1-6
Proverbs 11 V 8-9
Jeremiah 15 v 15-17
Jeremiah 39 V 17-18
Zephaniah 3 V 17-20

Spiritual Weapons

Psalm 120 V 1-7
Psalm 144 V 1-2
Isaiah 8 V 9-10
Joel 3 V 9-102
Corinthians 6 V4-10
Ephesians 6 V 10-18


Numbers 10 V 9
Psalm 7 V 13-16
Psalm 44 V 5-8
Proverbs 21 V 31

Reversal Work

Psalm 7 V 13-16


Joshua 1 V 5-9
Job 36 V 7-11
Psalm 1 V 1-3
Psalm 92 V 12-15
Psalm 118 V 5-17
Isaiah 60 V 17-21
Jeremiah 1 V 7-10


Genesis 30 V 43
Genesis 49 V 22-26
Deuteronomy 8 V 11-182
Chronicles 31 V 10
Psalm 112 V 1-9
Proverbs 8 V 18-21
Proverbs 10 V 22-24
Ezekiel 36 V 29-30
Nahum 2 V 2-92
Corinthians 9 V 5-15


Numbers 23 V 23-24
Deuteronomy 33 V 27-291
Chronicles 16 V 21-24
Job 1 V 10
Proverbs 1 V 33
Ezekiel 34 V 11-12
Ezekiel 34 V 23-27
Joel 3 V 16
Zechariah 9 V8
Luke 21 V 17-19
Romans 16 V 17-20