As a child I was taught how important Mary was because she was Jesus mama. Mary is all about the family especially the sons, but she can have a strong firm hand when the need arises. She is like any Mother that is worth a grain of salt is going to protect her children. There is no one better to petition than Mother Mary when it comes to protecting your children and family. You can petition her for protection in any situation you may find yourself in. I have found that when working with her she likes plain ole Olive oil when you are dressing her vigils and work. From experience it seems to me that she works faster if the petition is for a male child; a son or Grandson. I burn white candles for her. She doesn’t need a bunch of Hocus Pocus to get her to help you; just petition her.

She can also be petitioned for healing. If you find yourself in need of some healing work then; take a white undressed candle. Call on the Trinity, your ancestors and then Mother Mary. Petition her to aid in the healing of your body. Dress your body with some of the olive oil you have given her to work with. Pray Psalm 23 into the oil before giving it to her as an offering. She works really fast when it comes to opened wounds and pain. Take the candle and rub it over the affected area. The pain will ease in no time. Let the candle burn out and repeat as needed.

She also helps ease the pain of with a woman’s monthly suffering. Call on the Trinity, the Ancestors and Mother Mary; petition her to ease the cramps and bloating. Take some of her Holy oil and rub it all over your belly. Place a warm wet white wash cloth over your belly. Before you know it you will feel better.

I want to share one small work that can be done with her; I would share more but I don’t want my work changed around a little and claimed by others as their own.

Protection Medicine Bottle

Isaiah 43 torn from the Bible and burned to ash
A photo of the family burned to ash
{add these to the medicine bottle}
Devils Bit
Devils Shoestring
A Pinch of dirt from a church yard
Pour in some Olive oil

While you are making the bottle pray and petition Mother Mary for protection. Once you have the bottle ready. Set it on top of a photo of the Holy Family in front of a statue of the Mother Mary. Set four tea lights around the bottle in the sign of the cross. Light them and pray your petition.  Once the bottle is finished give it to her for safe keeping go at least once a week and renew your petition.