Anoint and Align

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After cleansing, dress with 

Underworld Farms Apothecary's

Anoint and Align

to bring your 3 souls into alignment and to connect with your higher power.

Herbs that resonate with each of our 3 souls are employed to call our bodies, minds and spirits into balance, align them and connect them and us to source.

Call attention to each part of your Triple Soul- Clap 3 times for body, 3 times for mind, 3 times for spirit. Anoint yourself with Anoint and Align, drawing an equal armed cross or the sacred symbol of your choice at your sacral chakra, your heart chakra and your third eye, your physical body's homes for body, mind and spirit. Then, anoint the crown of your head to seal them in alignment and create a conduit to source.

Contact Underworld Farms to discuss allergies.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

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