You may have heard of me on the web or from others. My name is Momma Starr, I'm a conjure woman or what some call a two headed
doctor. I'm a professional Conjure worker with 30 years experience. I’m a teacher, I offer mini courses in a variety of conjure techniques; I’m
also a writer. I have six books out "Hoodoo Money Conjure “and Old Style Conjure. Both of these books are self published. They are
both easy to read and explain how to do real conjure work. You can purchase my books through this web store. I am currently working on
my seventh book. UP-DATE NEW BOOK OUT "THE CONJURE WORKBOOK" came out in 2013 through Pendraig Publishing. I am now a published author and not a self published one. Here's the link. THE CONJURE WORKBOOK.

I would like to make a statement here. I started not to add this to the site; but I think that this needs to be said. I think some people are
confused about what Hoodoo is and what it is NOT! I'm going to give you the facts.

This is NOT my opinion this is a FACT!

First and foremost Hoodoo is based on Christianity. The Psalm, the Bible, the love songs from Songs of Solomon all come from the Bible!
These prayers and verses along with herbs, roots, and curios make up Hoodoo. If you remove these things then what you are doing AIN'T

You don't have to be a Christian to do conjure work; but if you are going to call it Hoodoo you need to use the items that go along with
the work or again IT AIN'T HOODOO! If you start mixing and matching up whatever you want too; then what ever you are doing is

Before Cat at Lucky Mojo published her site; most people didn't have a clue what conjure work was. I know for a fact that this is true.
When I first got on the internet I was taunted and laughed at. I was told that what I did was nothing more than ole wives tales and based
on superstition. Today it seems like everyone is an expert on conjure work. Everybody wants to ride the Hoodoo train. Thats fine with me
as long as you leave it the way it is suppose be. Don't go trying to change the work to suit yourself.

There IS NOT a Wiccan Rede, Law of Three or a belief in KARMA in Hoodoo!

The worker alone is responsible for their own actions. Their actions are between them and God. My Momma, God rest her soul, used to tell
us, "Don't do anything you can't live with." So don't try to change something that as been around forever to suit you. If you want to do
conjure work then do it as it has been done for hundreds of years or leave it alone and find something that suits you! I don't mean to be
rude, but this is MY HERITAGE I want it preserved!