Traditional Bone Reading

“Above is a photo of a set of my bones I read during consultations. These are Traditional possum bones, I also have a set of coon bones that were fixed and given to me. The shell was given to me by MiMi who first taught me about the bones. It is used to move
the bones around during the reading. I was taught not to touch them with my hands during a reading. The leather bag was made by my oldest son about thirteen years ago for my birthday to keep my bones in.” I decided to do this little write up because I am now offering bone readings on my website; they have always been offered to my in house clients. I have been reading bones in consultations with my clients for 20+ years. There is a lot of misconception about throwing the bones in Conjure on the internet. You cannot just kill an animal then use the bones for divination or collect some bones then use them. There are steps that have to be taken to get the bones ready. I was taught to read the bones by two different workers, one used possum bones and the other uses coon bones. They both prepare the bones in similar ways but not exactly the same. I learned both ways.

I was taught that we are able to read the bones through our ancestors and the spirits that walk with us. You have to have a strong connection with your ancestors in order to receive the information through the bones. Your bones are very personal, and they
should be taken care of after all this is a link between you and your ancestors.I have read a lot on the internet about how others work with their bones. Most say the bones should be hidden away. Some say you shouldn’t show your bones. I was taught my
bones are protected by my ancestors and if someone stole them they would have to deal with my ancestors. So I have no fear of taking a photo of my bones. All I can say is it sucks to be dumb if you are willing to go against someone’s dead kin.

Traditional Conjure workers throw the bones to find out what ails their client. Therefore the client is present when the bones are thrown. I was taught to have the client stand then the bones are thrown in front of them on the floor while prayers are being said to find out what ails the client. There is more to this but this is all I am willing to share. Both workers gave the same instructions for reading a client. Once the reading is over the bones have to be cleansed and fed. Then they are place with the ancestors to be

If I am doing a long distance reading for a client then I throw the bones on their photo. Sometimes I don’t have to have a photo if I get a strong connection with them; the ancestors just speak through the bones. Reading the bones takes years to perfect, this
is not something you can learn in a day or two. I am still learning after all these years of throwing the bones.

Each bone will represent something to the reader; I was taught that the ancestors name the bones for you. I have found this to be true. They guide you in understanding the message. You will always have a bone that represents the ancestors and one that
represents a male and a female. You should have a bone that is used to represent the client you are reading for. I have a buzzard bone that was given to me many years ago that I added to my bones, this bone lets me know if there is illness or blocks. It all
depends on where the bone falls in the reading.

Bone throwing is becoming a thing of the past in Conjure as old workers are passing on. What I have seen on the internet is not Traditional bone throwing in conjure readings. The information given out is new age. There are no crystals in traditional bone throwing, you may find a stone, a piece of wood or root, maybe a shell or two but you want find a crystal. I have yet to see a website that offers traditional conjure bone readings. Folks are digging and scratching trying to find the information so it can be exploited on the net, so everyone and their brother can claim to be bone readers.

If you are interested in learning to read the bones then get out and find an old conjure worker to teach you. You have to be taught the basics hands on, this is not something you can just jump into or learn from a book or a few days of teaching. The bones have to be prepared before they are given to you. I have taught a few folks that are special to me or I feel spirit lead to teach to read the bones. I hold this information with a tight fist because I refuse to see it abused as so much information is being abused.