Lodestones are worked with to draw something to you. They are added to , oils, and other types of conjure to draw. The , oils, and other types of conjure to draw. The picture above is my money drawing plate that sits on my reading table in my shop. I prefer to use terra cotta plates for my lodestones to sit in. Different workers will use different Lodestones are a natural magnet. In hoodoo or rootwork the lodestone is used to draw items, no way is right or wrong. We are all different and will work different. I’m going to explain how I set up my plate and how I tend to my lodestone. This is by no means the only way to do this; but this is what works for me. I have a plate similar that sits on my San Simon altar, each plate has different items in them, I burn a candle or tea light right inside the plate.

Under the two dollar bills you will find my photo, hair, and my petition. The reason there are two one dollar bills in the plate is because the top one was in a conjure bag
that hung over my front door for seventeen years until Hurricane Ike hit Texas and my house. With all the repairs on my house going on and everything else I forgot about the conjure bag. Someone picked up the conjure bag and put it in my bedroom on my makeup table and that is where it stayed until I found it. Since it fell from over the door I took that as a sign that it had done all it was going to do, I didn't even remember what I had put in the bag. I was a little surprised when I opened it.

The first thing I saw was corn husk, that's right corn husk dry as a bone. I pull the packet out of the bag, rolled up in the corn husk was the dollar bill, herbs, a petition so faded I couldn't read the writing and a magnet. I guess the corn husk is all I had at the time to make a packet out of. I was going to put the dollar on my
San Simon altar but it had so much energy to it that I decided to add it to my working plate even though I already had a dressed bill under my lodestone. That was one of the smartest things I have ever done.

The quarters were a gift from my daughter, they are a roll of silver quarters. The beans were a gift from my student
Dr. Love Bug. We have High John and Dixie John, Devils Shoestring, Lucky Hand root and a large chuck of Pyrite. The combination of all these things make a powerful plate. Once a week I feed my lodestone with magnetic sand, I also give the lodestone a drink of my personal oil I made for myself. Everything in the plate gets fed some of the oil once a week. I also light a dressed tea light inside of the plate.

Once a month I clean all the iron fillings off of my lodestone and place them in a small bottle. I then wash my lodestone with cool water, then I set it on a white plate and cover it in honey. I leave the honey on the lodestone over night. The next day I wash the lodestone and give it a drink of whiskey. Once the lodestone is dry I start all over again. I have had great results doing this, so I am sharing one of my best secrets. Try this method and let me know how it works for you. You can leave your comments on the comment page.