Old Style Conjure Blackhawk



                                                           WORKING WITH BLACKHAWK 

Once again here we are with this being the first book of it's kind written and the only one so far and I think that is because there isn't much information about him out there. I had thought about revising this book and adding more works in it but after Mr. Robert passed on 11/1/2013 I changed my mind. Now the only way I will share more works and information will be through hands on workshops and intensives. This book is filled with works.

Excerpt from {Working With Blackhawk} ©Starr 

To Block Someone If someone is causing you trouble and you just want to stop them; then you need a white, red, or blue candle. These three colors work best when working with BlackHawk. You can add any herbs or oils you feel the need too. Write the person’s name on the candle. Get you a piece of brown paper bag, set the candle on top of your paper. Draw a circle on the paper using the bottom of the candle as a guide. If you have a photo of the person then use that instead of the paper. Once you have the circle drawn tear it out. Write the person's name five times on the paper, within the circle. Take your candle and paper or photo to BlackHawk. Tell him what is going on. Turn the paper with the name facing down on your altar. Place the candle on top of the paper or photo, Light the candle, and keep talking to him. You then just leave the candle burning until it burns out. Make sure you give him an offering. If this seems simple, it’s because it is. You have to understand that you are working with a spirit. You are asking him to do a job for you. You don't need all that Hocus Pocus to get the job done. He does the job for you. All you need to do is ask.