The picture above is of a death spell that went wrong. A fellow worker's client sent this to me in October 2009, with the request I bury the work in the graveyard for her because the worker couldn't do it and the client was too scared to bury the work. The client told me it should have been easy for her to bury this work, but when she tried she got so scared she couldn't do it.

Thank God my spirits are so strong they wouldn't let her bury this work or she would have buried ME in the graveyard. In early October of 2009 I was contacted by a fellow worker's client requesting that I bury a work in the graveyard for her. I knew the worker and didn't mind helping her out so I agreed, but the most important thing is that my spirits were screaming for me to take the job. I asked the client what the work was for and she told me that the worker would be contacting to explain everything to me about the work. Well a few days went by and the worker hadn't phoned but the client called me back to say she had mailed the package. I told her the worker had never contacted me and I needed to know what the work was for. In a whisper she told me it was death spell aimed at her Mother-in-law. My spirits said that was a lie. It was aimed at me!

I didn't want to believe it! I know this worker. I used to talk to her at least three times a week, but I trusted my spirits because they have never lied to me. I kept my mouth shut, even though I was steaming mad about this. I waited for the work to come. The client called me and said that the package was in my mail box. Again I told her that her worker still hadn't contacted me about the work. I left the package in my mail box over the weekend. On Monday I went to the post office and my granddaughter went inside to pick up my mail.

The minute my granddaughter got back into the truck she said, "Oh Maw Maw, this doesn't feel right! I feel sick!" I said, "That’s ok. Give it to me and I will take care of it." I took the work into my shop and opened it up; it looked like the whole thing had been powdered. As you can see there is stuff on the seal of the envelope. I opened the envelope that held my payment which was a check that had been dusted with powders. The client denies this but I know how powders feel on paper. There was also an oily finger print on the envelope that held the check. I became livid and because the worker hadn't contacted me, it just made it worse. I opened the work up to see if there was a photo, petition paper or anything that showed who this work was aimed at. There was nothing. The work is just like I found it in the picture. At this time I'm still hoping my spirits are wrong, because I know for a fact that this worker has no reason in the world to do this to me. Within days things started to go wrong. Not to me because I am well protected, but to my family. First my oldest son's two cars broke down at the same time. We had to loan them money to get one fixed. I'm not worried yet. This could just be a fluke, right? A natural thing. Well the next day my daughter’s transmission goes out in her truck and my husband acts like a madman. Two days later my youngest son’s girlfriend of four years just breaks up with him for no reason and my daughter informs me that she is moving out of her house that is bought and paid for to move in with her Mother-in-law who hates her. Do you see the pattern here? I can't put into words how boiling mad I am at this point.

I call the client and started asking her questions. I don't know how I did it but I stayed calm. She still claimed her worker was going to call me and that the work was not aimed at me. By this time I knew that was a damn lie. So I took the package and gave it to my Santa Muerte and asked her to undo the work. In between this time, that is when my daughter told me she was moving. When I tell you I was crazy mad, I was; but by the grace of God I didn't lift a finger towards the other worker. I didn't say a prayer, a petition or light a candle in my defense because I was afraid too. There is no telling what I would have caused to happen. I learned a long time ago not to work when I'm mad. I decided to call the client and talk to her. I lost it and hammered her, I know I scared the hell out of her. It scared me that I was so mad. She ended up going to the worker and telling her what was going on. Finally the worker called me and it’s a God’s blessing that she did; because I'm not sure what I would have done. My temper was getting out of control. I was just boiling mad. Not only was I mad but I was hurt and felt betrayed. That is a bad combination

Let me tell you all something about myself lol; if I'm mad and I'm yelling and raising hell then everything is fine. Once I say what I've got to say then it’s over; but if I'm mad and I'm calm then there is a big problem. It takes a whole lot to get me this mad. When I was younger it happened often, but I learned to control it over the years. Writing helps me to release the anger. Let’s get back to the story. Just one more thing, when I am this mad my spirit is on high alert. Every word you say to me is read and filtered.

When the phone rang and I saw who it was, I wasn't going to answer it; but my spirits told me now is the time to get the truth. I answered the phone and she said, "What is going on?" I remember saying, "You tell me what’s going on." She told me that the client had just left her house crying and terrified. When I am this mad I don't remember a lot of what I say; but I remember almost word for word what you say. She is very upset and telling me she loves me and would never try to harm me and how she has felt guilty for not calling me all these months. The whole time she was talking I was reading her, probing, looking for a lie and there was NONE! All I felt was her confusion, hurt, and fear. I remember asking her how she put the work together and she told me. She also told me that she used an unknown soldier because they follow orders. She told me that the spirit of this soldier was just jumping and very strong. Boom! There is my answer! Before I talked to her God could not have come down and convinced me that this work was not deliberately sent to me. So what went wrong with this work?

First and foremost this worker doesn't have the experience to do this type of work. Second, the spirit was too strong and took over the work. How did I get thrown into the mix? My spirits are saying that in her subconscious mind she was thinking about me. We have no control over that part of our mind. Even though she swears she was really focused on the person the work was meant for the Unknown Soldier had other ideas. This unknown soldier's spirit didn't care what happened to her because he didn't know her in life. He had no ties with her. He used her to get free, and for some reason she hadn't paid him for the work yet. Again I chalk that up to inexperience. Please leave this type of work alone unless you can get hands-on training. This could have turned out really bad for both me and the worker.


Still not convinced this was aimed at me? While I was on the phone with her, the worker called the spirit back, paid for the work and asked God Almighty to stop the work. I heard every word she said. That night my son’s ex-girlfriend called him. The next night she was here at my home. She told me she didn't know what had happened; she had just gotten so mad at him. My daughter is now talking about going home just as soon as she gets her truck fixed. My husband is back to his normal, laid back self; all this within three days of the worker calling the spirit back and paying him off. So YES the work was aimed at me, but the worker is innocent in this. The spirit took control. She didn't have the power or the experience to make that soldier do what she wanted him to do. The best advice I can give all of you is don't mess around with dead folks you know nothing about! Am I still mad? Yes I am; but I'll get over it. Just because you read something somewhere or someone tells you how to do a work like this is not enough for you to try this type of work without hands-on training!

This spirit could have taken over this worker's whole life! If my spiritual protector and my guardians hadn't been so strong I could be dead! If I would have let my temper loose there is no telling what I would have let loose. Work with your own blood kin and leave the unknown spirits alone. You might not be as lucky as this young, inexperienced worker was.

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