For this work you need a large pillar candle. If you can find a large orange candle then use orange, if you can’t find one then just use a plain white one. Take a pair of small scissors or knife and dig a hole either in the bottom or the side of the candle. (The reason you use scissors or a knife is because you are removing the blocks that are holding you back.) Save the wax from the hole. You need a plate to sit your candle on. You need John 14 v 1-14 torn from an old bible, your petition paper, small piece of High John root, some powdered angelica root, you also need some hoodoo block buster powder. Burn the bible verse to ash along with your petition; mix this with a little powdered angelica root and the block buster powder. Then you load your candle with the mixture of powders and ash; then add the High John the Conquer root.  Fill the hole with the wax you removed.

Write your name on the candle along with “I knocked and the door was opened”. Dress the candle with some block buster conjure oil; then set the candle on the plate and sprinkle the left over hoodoo powder around the candle. In a cross set up place four purple candles around the plate. Light the candles the same way you laid them out. Then light your loaded block buster candle and say your prayers that all blocks be removed. When the work is done take any leftover hoodoo powders and wax to the crossroads along with five pennies and leave it there.

For more information on candle burning in rootwork check out my “Candle Burning Book” in the book section in the Old Style Conjure on-line shop. 

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