Prayer and the Bible are a large part of Hoodoo, Rootwork or Conjure whatever name you call the work by even though most new age conjure workers don’t work with their Bible. For those who don’t you are missing out on a powerful tool. You can light a candle or vigil then add a little hoodoo powder and conjure oil, mark the candle or vigil then pray your petition over the candle. You have a powerful work. Here are a few prayers I wanted to share. These are prayers that I have collected and used in my work over the years. It is my hope you may find some of them useful.



A Binding Prayer

This prayer is used to bind all your enemies. This prayer serves as a double prayer, one it
protects you and two it binds your enemies so they are unable to harm you; after all who
would dare go after the Holy three? I say this prayer daily or another one I have that is
similar to this one.

Christ's cross and Christ's crown, Christ Jesus colored Blood, be thou every hour good.
God, the Father, is before me;
God, the Son, is beside me;
God, the Holy Ghost, is behind me;
Whoever now is stronger than these three may come,
by day or night, to attack me! Make the sign of the cross three times.

Then say the Lord's prayer three times.

Protection Prayer

In the name of God I walk out.
God the Father be with me,
God the Holy Ghost be by my side.
Whoever is stronger than these three may approach my body and my life; yet whoso is not
stronger than these three would much better let me be! J.J.J.

Protection Prayer

There walk out during this day and night, that thou mayest not let any of my enemies,
approach me, if they do not intend to bring me what was spent from the Holy altar.
Because God the Lord Jesus Christ is ascended into heaven in his living body. O Lord, this
is good for me this day and night. Amen

Uncrossing Prayer

If you feel like you have been crossed say this prayer three times a day to remove the

You horsemen and footmen, whom I here conjured at this time, you may pass on in the
name of Jesus Christ, through the word of God and the will of Christ; ride you on now and

Prayer For Meditation

O Lord our God, accept, we beseech Thee, the prayer which we Thy servants now make
unto thee. Shine into our hearts, O loving Master, by the pure light of the knowledge of
Thyself, and open the eyes of our minds to the Contemplation of Thy teaching, and put
into us the awareness of Thy blessed commandments, that by trampling down all that is
worldly, we may follow a spiritual life, thinking and doing all things according to Thy good
pleasure. Help us now to be aware of thy nearness as we are of the material things of
every day. Help us to recognize thy voice with as much assurance as we recognize the
sounds of the world around us. Oh God, we beseech thee to purify our hearts from all vain
and worldly and sinful thoughts, and so prepare our souls to worship and speak to Thee.
Scatter our darkness with thy source of light and wisdom. Stretch forth thy hand to help
us, who can not without thee come to Thee. Give unto us, O lord, that quietness of mind in
which we can hear Thee speaking to us, for thou art our illumination, and to Thee we
render glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto all ages. Amen.

Prayer For Spiritual Strength

O God, whose blessed Son hast us to call thee Father, and hast told us that, as a father
gives good things to his children, so that wilt give the Holy Spirit to those that ask Thee,
we ask Thee now for this great gift. We need to be mightily strengthened by Thy Holy
Spirit in the inner man, that we may do the things that Thou commandest, and receive
that which Thou dost promise. We beseech Thee to grant us strength, the strength of Thy
Holy Spirit, the power of Thy Christ, wherein we can do all in his name. Let us this day
feel Thy presence and know Thy power, and being stirred and moved above ourselves, thus
be lifted into knowledge of God, and the hearing of His holy way. Raise our minds to the
contemplation of thy beloved Son, that by feeling His divine power, we may be drawn near
unto Him, and be changed into His image, and empowered to bring every thought into
obedience to Christ, into harmony with His Holy Spirit, for His sake we ask it. Amen.

Prayer For Peace of Mind

Oh Lord, unto Whom all hearts are open, Thou canst govern the vessel of our souls for
better then we can. Only in Thee can our restless hearts find blessed peace. Help us, dear
Lord, to live that our conscience shall not have to accuse, so that we may be saved the
necessity of trying to mend that which need never be broken. We know that only then will
the war within us cease. Arise, O Lord, and command the stormy wind and troubled sea of
our hearts and minds to be still, and at peace in Thee, that we may look to Thee, that we
may look to thee undisturbed, and abide in union with thee, our lord. Let us not be carried
hither and thither by wondering thoughts, but, forgetting all else, let us see and hear
Thee, Lighten, if be Thy will, the pressure of this worlds cares, and above all, reconcile us
to thy will, and give us peace which the world cannot take away. Let the holy Spirit dwell
in us, and fill us with Divine love and light and life, with devout heavenly thoughts, with
comfort and strength, with joy and peace. Amen.

Prayer for Business

Gracious God, remember us, we beseech thee, in our work this day. If it be thy will, give
unto us a prosperous day. May all our work be done well. Prosper with Thy blessing all of
us who are thus striving to regulate our dealings in business by the rule o truth; and if
difficulty compass us in the world, quicken thou within us such a desire of laying up
treasure in heaven, as may cause us to accept Thy perfect will, teaching us to use earthly
things that we may become partakers of the true riches which can not fail. Give us, Oh
Lord, Strength to perform faithfully our appointed tasks; bless the work of our hands and
minds. Grant that we may ever serve thee; sanctify our joys and our trials, and give us
grace to seek first thy kingdom, in the sure and certain faith that all else shall be given
unto us. Bless us with success and good fortune. May we glorify thee by honest good work;
for the sake of him who completed his work for us, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer For Court Case

O Judge of all, let Thine eternal justice be metered out to every court of law; cause
quarrelling to cease, and make all men reverence law, and live in harmony and obedience,
as those who shall one day stand before Thy judgment seat. May we find mercy now and at
that time of Thee, O righteous Judge. Remember not our offences but set us free from
the snare of the enemy. Prosper with the help of Thy Holy Spirit those who are
endeavouring to assist us in this our hour of need. Lead them onward, they may persevere
in obtaining for us a favorable judgment. Help us to remember, o lord , that thou art
victorious Christus victor reigning over all; that in dyue time, in Thine own due time,
Thou wilt work all things together for good to those who love thee, who are called
according to Thy purpose. May Thy fatherly care shield us, the love of thy dear Son
preserve us from all evil, and the guidance of Thy holy Spirit lead us unto victory;
through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer For Financial Needs

O God, most merciful Father, Thou speakest through Thine only begotten Son, our lord
Jesus Christ, saying, Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Have mercy on all of us who are
need and want. Comfort our sorrows, supply our needs, raise up friends for us, give us
grace to learn of Thee, and always to put our trust in Thy help. Provide us, dear Lord, with
food and clothing sufficient for our bodily needs. Bless us with success and good fortune.
Bless our home with happiness. Bless our work with plenty. Oh merciful Lord, if it be Thy
will, give unto us a prosperous day. Thou hast promised in Thy Gospel that whatsoever is
done unto the least of thy brethren, Thou wilt receive as done unto Thee; give us grace, we
humbly beseech Thee, to be ever willing and ready to minister, as Thou enablest us, to the
necessities of our fellow servants. Grant us, Oh Lord, the grace to seek first Thy
Kingdom, in the sure and certain faith that all else shall be given unto us; through Jesus
Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer For Jobs

O God, our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee to hear us who live by strength of arm, and
skill of hand, and labour of mind. For those of us who till the earth, for we who tend
machiney. For those of us who work in offices and warehouses, and for we who buy and
sell. For we who labour in factories. For we who keep house, for we who train children. For
all of us who are poor and broken and oppressed. For those of us who have too little
leisure. For we who are underpaid. For all of us who cannot find work. For we who are
hungry and destitute. We pray, O Father, that it may please Thee to comfort, sustain,
support, and prosper us. May no adversity harm us, no difficulty oppose us, may all things
turn out happily and prosperously for us. O god, from whom we have received life and all
earthly blessing, vouchsafe to give unto us each what we need. Give unto us the strength
to perform faithfully our appointed tasks, bless the work of are hands and minds. Give us
grace to seek first Thy Kingdom, in the sure and certain faith that all else shall be given
unto us; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.