When possible I prefer to use a jar or container when doing a job or working a spell as new age folks call it. By working this way you can set a candle right on top of the jar. I prefer to use tea light candles on my jar or container works (spells) because they are not messy like a taper candle is. The tea light also gets hotter than the taper. Once the tea light starts burning the little tin cup that is holding the candle gets very hot. This in turn heats up your Work (spell).

You can work the jar to give the spell more power; by this I mean shake the jar before and after every candle burning. I not only use them in sweetening spells; but I also use them for Domination / Controlling/ Compelling,
Hot Foot
, Binding's, to Sour someone, the list goes on. It really just depends on the type of work I'm doing.

The Jar or container spell is great for long term work. The more you work the jar and burn on the jar the strong the work becomes. I call this working the jar. I have found container spells to be effective for long term work. There is no limit to their uses.

I want to clear something up here about the
Honey Jar's for money and work. Some have stated that a honey jar is ONLY used on people. I'm sorry but this is not true. I know for a fact that people in the 50's and 60's did sweetening work
for money. This is NOT a New Age thing! What is new age is the use of honey in sweetening works. This was started by a woman in California who has the largest hoodoo website on line. She once said she did it to help the bee keepers in her area; folks believed her and you can't change a thought. Honey crystallizes and therefore the work stops.

In the ole days the elders couldn't afford honey, I have never heard anyone say I'm gonna sop my biscuit in some honey! Look at the culture and how folks had to live before you go falling for all this new age internet make believe!

My Grandma who was born, raised and lived her whole life in South Carolina, kept a milk glass bowl filled with sugar and money
sitting on her pie safe. I remember this because I always wanted some of that money out of that bowl, so I could buy me some Mary Jane candy at the store. I think I asked her everyday, and every time I got the same answer "No you can't have that money because that sugar and money help sweeten life".

I have never forgotten that nor will I ever forget it. So if the sugar can be used to sweeten why can't honey be used. Everything that is placed in those jars will draw money to you. I'm a professional worker and teacher so wouldn't my honey jar that I made have my petition in it to draw and make new clients and students sweeten towards me. Is this not drawing and sweetening my money? I just felt like I needed to clear this up.