Underworld Farms Apothecary's

Anti Aging Preparations

are made in micro batches with natural oils, herbs, antioxidants & minerals.

Look more youthful and confident while summoning the power of the crossroads.

Prom Queen is a general, rich, ultra-moisturizing balm.

Debutante is specially and decadently formulated for the delicate and prone-to-fine-line areas around the eyes and lips.

Hell's Belles is an ultra emolliant, clarifying, cell plumping toner.

Cleansing Remedies

Underworld Farms Apothecary

developed this cleansing spray, Immaculatefor daily quick and dirty psychic hygiene.

Dressing Applications

After cleansing, dress with 

Underworld Farms Apothecary's

Anoint and Align

to bring your 3 souls into alignment and to connect with your higher power. 


Underworld Farms Apothecary has been in the making for 20 years, concocting natural potions for friends and family and celebrating the victories of easing health issues and/or spiritual unrest.

If a single ingredient from the earth will heal a malady equally as effectively as a synthetic cocktail that can't be pronounced, our policy has always been to employ that gift.

All of our ingredients are awakened, honored and prayed over before synthesis and charged with the energy of the crossroads upon completion.

Yes, the process is time consuming. It's also sacred, soulful and beloved.

We deserve that.

All Underworld Farms Apothecary products were inspired by the need of a client, the best reason to create. 

Each product has been tested for efficacy and preference. Of course, we at

Underworld Farms Apothecary are our harshest critics. Thus, if we don't use it often and love it, we don't offer it.