OLD STYLE CONJURE Collecting Conjure Dirt




Gathering dirt from different places to work with in your Conjure work is “Traditional Conjure”. Today all you hear folks talk about is “graveyard dirt” and how to gather it; but there are many other types of dirt that are used in Old Style Traditional Conjure. Dirt in the ole days was mixed with powdered herbs to make condition powders, now most new workers use a base powder with no dirt in them. I have gone back to making my powders the way I was taught as a young worker. I decided to work how I was taught and NOT how the internet teaches.

Below are some examples so you can get an idea of where to gather the dirt and an example on how to use it.

Bank- Prosperity, Money

Court House, Jail, Police Station - law stay away; draw the law; justice work, Court Case work.

Railroad Tracks, Bus Station, Airport- send away or bring them back

A church- Blessings

A Hospital- Healings

{4} Corners of the Crossroads- any type of work

Dirt from a Stop Sign-to put the brakes on something or someone

To Stop A Bill Collector

Times are tough right now and some folks are having a hard time making ends meet. If you have a bill collector dunning you because they don’t understand that you are paying what you can; then you can put the brakes on them. Take the bill and write “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” then burn the bill to ash, collect some dirt from the west side of your home. Go to the nearest stop sign close to your home and collect some dirt from under the stop sign. Add all the ingredients into a small jar then cover them with Molasses. Close the jar tight, then flip it away from you {3} times while saying your petition. Place it on your space upside down and burn a tea-light on the jar. Flip the jar away from you daily while saying your petition. Then light the tea-light. Once you have them paid take the jar and throw it in running water.