The picture above is my San Simon altar. Three generations of family members work with San Simon. I call him our family Saint. He is much more than a Saint who helps with prosperity. He will also protect you and defend you against your enemies. Everything on this altar space is dedicated to him. As you can see there is an oil lamp on his altar. The lamp is his so he can do the work he needs to do. That lamp is filled with curios, roots, herbs, money, whiskey, and other items that I felt he wanted placed in the lamp. I call the lamp his rootwork or spell lamp. I never let the lamp go out. Oil Lamps are one of the oldest methods used to have light. All the old candle; but I woke up in the middle of the night many times and saw her sitting at the kitchen table with a lamp in front of her. Since I am the worker of the family I was given all the lamps. A few of them had stuff dried in them; one had a piece of material with writing on it pinned to the wick. I can't make out the writing, but I have often wondered what the work had been done for. By using this type of magic the ingredients are infused into the oil; which makes the work stronger.  In some ways the oil lamp is safer to use than candles. For one thing you don’t have to worry about the jar breaking; or the candle not burning right because you added to many ingredients to it.

For my own personal work I prefer to use oil lamps over candles. Not only can you adjust the flame but the lamp never needs to go out. These conjure or spell lamps can be used for many things love drawing spells, money drawing spells, court case work, Fiery Wall of Protection, Domination spells the list just goes on and on. I do set petition for clients in my working lamps for a small fee. I also offer oil lamps for the clients to purchase. These lamps come ready to use. I do not offer lamp oil due to shipping regulations.

If you decide to work with an oil lamp you need to prepare the lamp before you start your spell. The lamp needs to be blessed and dressed before you start. I clean my lamps with Florida water first, then dress them with oil. After this is done I hold the lamp up to my mouth and let my breath fill the lamp while I say Psalm 23. Once this is done the lamp is ready; it has been cleansed and blessed.Now you are ready to add your personal concerns, roots, herbs, curios, petition papers, pictures and other items that go along with the spell or conjure work. Remember everything needs to be blessed before you add the ingredients to your lamp. Follow the links below to the different lamp recipes.

Road Opener Lamp

Money Drawing Oil Lamp

 Protection Oil Lamp

 Domination Oil Lamp

Personal Oil Lamp